ithlete Team App

ithlete Team App

Access and analyse all your team data through a simple web-based user interface.

ithlete Team App Features

All data in one place

The ithlete Team App is a single destination for viewing and managing all your team data. It resides on the ithlete Cloud making it secure and accessible, any time of the day.

Stats at a glance

Use the dashboard to quickly evaluate your team’s HRV and subjective data such as sleep, fatigue, mood, stress, and diet to determine readiness to perform.

100% compliance

Opt for the ‘Multi-Player’ App bundle and eliminate compliance issues by taking your readings all together.

Team messaging

Use the built-in SMS feature to send reminders and feedback to your team.

Export data

All ithlete Team App customers are given access to our secure APIs for extracting team data in JSON and CSV formats.

How the ithlete Team App works

How it works
  • Team members take their morning readings using the ithlete handset App or the ‘Multi-Player’ App.
  • Each reading gets automatically uploaded to the ithlete Cloud.
  • The team coach signs-in to the ithlete Team App and assesses the data.


The ithlete Team App is priced at $110 (£75/€96) per athlete per year.

If you want to hear more about the ithlete Team App or to arrange a trial, please get in touch:

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