Our heart rate monitor, ithlete HRM, was almost a secondary app, taking a back seat to ithlete. Not any more  This app has undergone a complete re-vamp to bring it up to date as the most accurate heart rate monitor for serious athletes. And to go with the new design, a new name…the ithlete team are pleased to introduce Precision Pulse.

New Heart Rate Monitor features

User interface redesign

Precision Pulse heart rate monitorPrecision Pulse deserved bringing up to date. We have taken this opportunity to improve the user interface to a new, smarter design.

Once the measurement begins the intensity bar graph at the top shows your current heart rate as a percentage of maximum heart rate and which zone you are currently in (aerobic/anaerobic). This is also shown in numerical format in the top right.

Your average heart rate, workout time and current calories burnt will also be displayed at the bottom of the measurement screen.

Bluetooth Smart Compatible*

Precision Pulse heart rate monitor Bluetooth SmartPrecision Pulse is fully compatible with Bluetooth Smart heart rate chest strap monitors, so you’ll no longer need an ithlete ECG receiver for use with Precision Pulse. Bluetooth Smart also offers significantly increased range which is great for use during workouts. Additionally there is no interruption to phone functionality whilst using a Bluetooth Smart strap, so you can still take calls, listen to music, use GPS and even surf the net (if that is what you would like to do during workouts!). The best bit is the really low battery usage associated with Bluetooth Smart and Precision Pulse – it is sure to keep going as long as you can!

Save or Reset

Most athletes know workouts get interrupted from time to time. That’s why we have added the option to save or reset at the end of each measurement. Save to record the data and make it available for sharing via email or iTunes later or reset to start again. As always with the ithlete heart rate monitor you also have the option to save separate laps.

Landscape Chart

The distinctive heart rate monitor chart has changed too, don’t worry we haven’t removed it, but we have made some great improvements!

The chart now updates every 15 seconds meaning users can view the chart during workouts rather than having to review in retrospect after the session. This is great for monitoring your current and average heart rate and aerobic/anaerobic zones.

Precision Pulse heart rate monitor

The three chart colours show your personal zones as follows.

  • Green = aerobic (comfortable, talking easy, sustainable indefinitely)
  • Yellow = lactate accommodation (painful, talking short phrases only, sustainable for 1hr+)
  • Red = lactate accumulation (very painful, breathing rapid, sustainable for only a few mins)

These 3 zones are also used to calculate your TRIMP score, taking in to account the workout intensity and duration. For more information on the importance of TRIMP why not check out our recent blog.

The landscape chart is also now interactive allowing users to ‘pinch to zoom’ and ‘swipe to pan’ during or after workouts

When can you get it?

As Precision Pulse is an update of the existing ithlete heart rate monitor app we can get it to you quickly. In fact, it has already been submitted to the App Store for approval! So why not download ithlete HRM now and be eligible for the upgrade as soon as it is released?

Alternatively you could wait for the release of Precision Pulse which should be available in the coming days.

*Please note: Bluetooth Smart requires iPhone 4S, 5, latest model iPod touch or iPad 3.

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