This weekend we are off to Halle in the former Eastern Germany to present & exhibit at the 6th International HRV Symposium.

This is a biannual event that consists of a full day program of both invited speakers who are authorities on particular aspects of HRV usage, and especially sports & exercise, and short papers that have been reviewed & accepted by the academic committee.

Simon Wegerifithlete’s own Simon Wegerif has been invited to present at the event. Simon will be talking about the very encouraging results we have had correlating morning ithlete measurements to cycling performance. These follow on from and strongly support work from researchers such as Dr Martin Buchheit in runners and Chalencon in swimmers that we summarised earlier this year.

We are also exhibiting in the venue foyer where we will be giving demonstrations and talking informally to the attendees.

There are 21 presentations scheduled and a lunchtime industry workshop, so it promises to be a busy, exciting and thought provoking day!

Check back next week when we’ll summarise our thoughts post-event!