We’re proud to announce we’ve launched the revolutionary heart rate variability (HRV) tool ithlete Pro. The cloud based solution delivers a more comprehensive view of your training, recovery and lifestyle data. This quick video offers a snapshot of what’s on offer.

Putting the user in control ithlete Pro features a fully interactive timeline view. The timeline displays all of your ithlete and lifestyle data, you can select individual metrics over a user defined period of time to better understand correlations and patterns. This is already helping users gain meaningful insights in to how their behaviour impacts training, recovery and performance.

The ithlete Pro system provides research supported approaches to guiding athletes though HRV and other data sets. I had the benefit of using this for months and the product simply delivered. Carl Valle, coach.

The all new training guide beautifully displays your readiness to train against your personal normal range. Identifying where you are now and possible causes will help determine the most appropriate training on a given day, and if you are in a hurry a quick one line recommendation is provided too. This makes the traditional ithlete HRV number more prescriptive and actionable.

To close the feedback loop and increase data accuracy using ithlete Pro you can import activity and lifestyle data directly from popular activity trackers starting with FitBit. Relying more on objective data provides an increasingly guided experience.

All of this plus customisable widgets from the ithlete blog and Twitter feed to keep you up to date with the latest relevant news makes ithlete Pro a must have for anyone looking to bring data together through a meaningful, actionable and guided experience.

Read more about ithlete Pro, including a no obligation two week free trial, here.