Today sees the release of an important update to the ithlete app, from this afternoon iOS (Apple) users can update to ithlete v2.3. Key features of the update include:

iPhone 5 Screen optimisation

The ithlete app is now a better fit for our iPhone 5 users! The layout is exactly what you are used to but with slight adjustments to make the most of the screen size

Select your sensor

ithlete v2.3 Sensor select screenAs we continue to deliver a wider range of heart rate variability capable sensors we have made it easier to select your preferred sensor. The first time you open ithlete v2.3 you will be prompted to choose your sensor, the app will then remember this selection for future use.

If at any stage you wish to upgrade your sensor you can change the selection from the in app edit screen.

Finger sensor

You will probably notice from the new ‘Select your sensor’ screen that we have a new product coming soon; the ithlete Finger Sensor. To be released later this year we are delighted to announce this revolutionary heart rate variability sensor…full details here!

Improved performance with the ithlete Team App

This release brings a number of minor updates which will improve the all-round experience for those using the ithlete Team App.

ithlete v2.3 includes training load auto upload to Team App

Training load (if entered) will now automatically be uploaded and displayed in both the dashboard and individual charts. This is particularly useful when monitoring response to training and managing a taper!

We’ve added the ability to log in/out of your team account – those who have accidently deleted a player will know how valuable this is!

Finally there is a fix to the minor bug which has caused a couple of readings to be incorrectly displayed as ‘0’ in the Team App.