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John O'Regan HRV training along Wicklow Way

John O’Regan training along Wicklow Way
Photo: Alan Rowlette

I’m an Irish International Ultra Runner and Adventurer competing at all distances and over all terrain.  I’ve raced on the 7 Continents and included the highest, lowest, hottest, coldest, most northern and most southern races in the world. I was recently featured in the Irish Times ‘A run can start from anywhere’.

To find out more about my achievements or future adventures follow me on Twitter @johnoregan777, check out my blog www.johnoregan.blogspot.com or my ithlete case study.

Siberian Black Ice Race

John O'Regan ithlete HRV TrainingI’m currently training for the Siberian Black Ice Race in March 2013 during which I will guide / assist ‘Mark Pollock’ a blind and paralysed adventurer and following that and depending on my recovery I will also compete in the 24-hr World & European Championships. My training time is limited and to maximise my available time I monitor my recovery by measuring HRV to determine future training sessions and intensity.

Each week I am going to be sharing my ithlete HRV scores, training plans and realities with you here on the ithlete blog. I hope this will help keep me focused and motivated and inspire some of you too.

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