So we come to the end of our first full year of selling ithlete. To sum it up, I guess we would say it has been exciting, a little daunting, and rewarding, with many highlights.

HRV Symposium

We were invited to present at the 5th International HRV Symposium in Halle, Germany. It felt good to know that the ithlete 1min test could, and did, stand up to scientific critique from some of the foremost researchers in the HRV sport science field.

Users Guide

The Users Guide was an ambitious project from the start, and we’re grateful to award winning author, and founder of Triathlete Magazine Bill Katovsky for his guidance in putting together a download that contains not only useful information, but some great insights on how to balance training stimulus and recovery from some of the foremost practitioners in the field.
Another great section in the Users Guide was the user biographies. Impressive for the initiative that these early adopters put in to getting the best from this brand new tool. It’s so rewarding for us to know we are on the right track with this new training tool, and we truly appreciate their contributions.

User feedback

Probably the most satisfying aspect of this year has been the number of emails we have had from users around the World. So much feedback has confirmed that ithlete has really added value to their training, improving performance and reducing the occurrence of fatigue and injury. These messages make the hard work well worthwhile! Thanks to you all.


The Forum has become quite a useful resource for anyone looking for information on a particular aspect of using ithlete. Recently, I have added a Blog thread to share some of the insights I get from interacting with users and coaches and the latest sports science & health research papers. Please continue to post questions and your own observations in order to make the website a leading resource for HRV guided sports training. We have also setup a Facebook site (ithlete Hrm Hrv), so feel free to post & discuss there also.

ithlete HRM

To end our very busy first year, we have launched our latest app, ithlete HRM (heart rate monitor) which is available on iTunes Stores around the World. We have aimed to create a better kind of heart rate monitor packed with features. ithlete HRM is a good companion app for use during exercise with the same strap & receiver as ithlete. We expect it to evolve further, so please give us feedback on what you like and what you don’t like.

To come in the New Year

* ithlete on the Android phone platform
* links between ithlete and popular training software
* updates & additional content for the Users Guide

Request for data

We’ve had a few people send us their ithlete data and it has often provided insights that help us understand how individuals respond differently to their training. We’d like to get more peoples’ data to look at, so if you don’t mind sharing yours anonymously, we’d love to take a look at it and use it to refine the algorithms used in ithlete. If you don’t mind doing this, please send from the Edit screen to

Still time to buy the ithlete receiver at 2010 prices!

Due to VAT and other cost increases, the price of the receiver will be going up on Jan 1st, but you still have a few days to buy at 2010 prices.

All that remains is to wish you very happy holidays and the best of health & happiness for 2011.

Thank you for your support – we truly appreciate it!