The ithlete Coaching Program

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The revolutionary training aid for triathletes looking to take their performance to the next level!

The ithlete Coaching Program is a coach in your pocket. Responsive and adaptive this AI-driven training plan delivers workouts appropriate to your recovery, training phase and availability.

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The ithlete Coaching Program – the AI-driven triathlon coach

Research is showing time and again that adaptive training, i.e. training that adapts with you in real-time, is superior to a static plan. We have so much data that we are collecting as athletes that has, to this point, been going to waste. Here, at ithlete, for the first time ever, we are going to use that data to get to know you as an individual to the extent that every day, we’re able to help you in knowing what workout is optimal for you.

The ithlete Coaching Platform will deliver training plans to guide you to success in your next big event.

We have partnered with renowned endurance coach Alan Couzens to deliver an individualised, responsive training plan. Alan has worked with triathletes at every level up to professional and world-class athletes.

Each morning following your ithlete HRV reading you will be presented with a choice of three workouts. These will be chosen for you specifically based on your current fitness and fatigue, training goals, and how much time you have available.

So how does it work?

We collect both performance data from your training sessions (imported from Training Peaks or Garmin Connect) and wellness data from your daily ithlete HRV readings.

Our algorithm takes your current state, your fitness and your fatigue into account and then rolls through thousands of simulations of different training programs for you. Starting right now, from where you are and ending at your goal event. We have only 2 rules that we give the algorithm…

  1. Pick the sessions that are going to lead to the highest fitness on race day
  2. Don’t overtrain the athlete!

With only these two rules in mind, the algorithm goes to work, trawling thousands of different session combinations to find the right combination that leads to the highest fitness on race day for you, without overtraining. We then return this list of workouts to you, the athlete.

Overcoming training constraints

As we all know, life is anything but predictable and the plan that we have at the start of the season may look nothing like the plan at the end of the season. This is the strength of our approach when compared to regular static plans – it evolves with you…

Didn’t manage to get the 2-hour tempo ride on the plan done yesterday? No worries. Our algorithm will see this and adjust your plan for today to make up.

More tired than the algorithm thought you might be at this point? No worries, tell that to the algorithm and it will automatically learn from you and adapt today’s training.

That sounds great and all, but what if the ‘optimal’ workout for me today is a 6-hour ride and I only have one hour to train? You can also add your own rules to our algorithm like – “On Mondays, I only have one hour to workout” and the algorithm will follow your rules – it will only select workouts that match that criteria.

Finally, you can set your sport availability to let your AI coach know which days you can get to the pool, and when you would particularly like run/ride workouts prescribed.

For the first time in the history of sports data collection, we make the leap from purely describing your data trends to actively using your data to prescribe the most effective workouts for you. Going beyond colour coded recommendations the AI-driven coach will give you a choice of specific workouts each day, appropriate to your current recovery, readiness and training goals.

Try the ithlete Coaching Program today and ensure you are ready for that next big event!


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