“Simon Says” ™ is a new, exciting addition to ithlete Pro that does all the heavy lifting of interpreting your recovery metrics and delivers them in a short paragraph that can be read and understood in just a few seconds.

Digestible Daily HRV Interpretation & Recommendations

The information presented by ithlete can be a lot to digest: the daily number and colour, HRV weekly and monthly trends, and then there is working out relationships between HRV, subjectives and recovery enablers. Simon Says brings you a short daily summary to help you note the most important elements of your data today, and is now part of the redesigned Context Insight widget. The text will provide you with your overall recovery and readiness state, highlight all the subjective or recovery metrics outside of your normal range, and summarise the current trend in your training load*. This new, friendly avatar will help you to bring all elements of your ithlete reading together in a simple paragraph to summarise your recovery and training guidance for the day.

ithlete Pro Simon Says feeders

Simon Says?

Simon Says is the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert system for HRV training and recovery guidance. Advice and guidance feeding in is coming from HRV expert Simon Wegerif, the innovator of HRV on the smart phone who has over 10 years’ experience working on HRV and recovery analysis on athletes and sports people. To help make this tool feel friendly and relatable we’ve designed an avatar and will be calling the feature Simon Says.

Simon and avatar


We hesitate to call the first version a Beta, because we have been designing and testing it for months, but we do expect this to be a continuously evolving and fast developing feature driven by user feedback. Please do use the thumbs up/down to tell us how relevant you find your daily recommendation and we welcome more detailed feedback via email or the Feedback widget in Pro at any time.

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*In order to calculate acute to chronic training load you must be synced to Garmin Connect or Training Peaks and importing training load.