The ithlete sensors are the best around, independently validated for accuracy, convenient and durable. Some users don’t get the hang of taking measurements right away, so to ensure you don’t waste any time follow these tips on using your HRV sensor.

Using the ithlete Finger Sensor

  • ithlete Finger Sensor LightningEnsure the receiver is fully plugged into the phone and is not blocked by a case or sleeve (should make a firm ‘click’)
  • Position the sensor so the fleshy part of the left index finger is level with the end of the finger sensor
  • Make sure your hand is resting (palm up) on a hard surface
  • It is important to remain still throughout the measurement
  • We highly recommend watching this video for further guidance.

Using a Bluetooth Smart HRM Strap

  • TP5 Cardiosport HRM strapMoisten the skin contact pads well – this is essential to a good reading
  • Put on your HRM strap so that it is snug but not uncomfortable
  • Open the ithlete app, navigate to choose sensor, select Bluetooth Smart and choose your strap from the pop-up list. Upon opening the app next time, ithlete will automatically detect previously paired Bluetooth Smart straps within range.
  • We recommend checking out this Tuesday Tip blog post for more information on looking after your HRM strap.


If you need further support please contact our technical support team.