In this weeks blog we’ll be continuing the ithlete Pro theme but focusing on data management across multiple devices, and integrating third party data into your ithlete Pro timeline.

As we briefly touched on in Tuesday Tip: Safe, synched & insightful data with ithlete Pro, among the many benefits of subscribing to ithlete Pro is having the ability to save your data to the ithlete cloud and then download it to multiple devices. So we’re now going to delve a little deeper in to this feature and provide a few tips around how it works.

Exporting data

Upload and importIn the past the ithlete handset app would only allow manual export to Dropbox and email, which wasn’t ideal and would need to be done regularly if you wanted to safeguard your data. This has been improved with ithlete Pro, as data storage is now automatic, secure, and direct to the cloud. After syncing your device, each time you take a reading the handset app will automatically upload it to your ithlete Pro account. If you do not have an internet connection at this point, you can always manually upload later from the main menu, under ‘Settings’ -> ‘Sync data’ -> ‘Upload to account’.

(Tip: To view newly uploaded data in ithlete Pro you must refresh the browser or click ‘Sync’ on the title bar)


Importing data

Sync from accountImporting data to multiple devices was a popular customer request, so we’ve integrated an import option into your ithlete handset app.

To use, you’ll first need to sync your device, then from the main menu select ‘Sync data’ -> ‘Import from account’. This can be done on any device and will load all of the existing readings from your ithlete Pro account in to your ithlete handset app (overwriting any existing data).

Deleting and tidying data

Data wipeAll of your data can be deleted from ithlete Pro using the ‘Data wipe’ option under ‘My profile’ -> ‘Settings’.  This feature should be used if you want to delete your readings from your account and start again, or if you want to tidy any existing erroneous data.

The procedure for tidying data is to amend it first on your handset, apply the ‘Data wipe’ option from within ithlete Pro (deleting all your existing data from your account), then upload your newly tidied data from your handset (via ‘Sync data’ -> ‘Upload to account’). Note: Data deleted from your account can not be retrieved, so please use this feature with caution!

(Tip: To upload all your data to ithlete Pro, you will need to logout and login again on your handset to reset the state of the data, and allow it to be uploaded again)

Integrating third-party data

FitbitNow let’s take a look at importing third-party device data into your ithlete Pro Timeline. We decided to launch ithlete Pro with the option of importing your Fitbit data.  This can be done by clicking on the Fitbit logo, within your Fitbit widget, and then following the on screen instructions to sync your Fitbit account.  Once done, your ithlete Pro dashboard will refresh and your Timeline will then display ‘activity calories’ and ‘sleep efficiency’, both values now coming from your Fitbit data.  This is a particularly good for correlating your activity and sleep against your HRV score and is designed to give a comprehensive view of how lifestyle factors are effecting your HRV.

Fitbit on timeline

We do plan to incorporate other devices such as Garmin, Jawbone etc. so please keep your requests coming in as we will be adding the most popular!


Other tips on using ithlete Pro can now be found under ‘Help’ -> ‘FAQs’ from within your account, and for any developers out there we are starting to build up a set of APIs for integrating ithlete data in to other systems (for details please get in touch).


If you are interested in taking advantage of these new features and safeguarding your data why not sign up for a two week free ithlete Pro trial now?

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