ithlete Coach App

ithlete Coach App

The hassle free way to look at your athletes’ health and recovery data

ithlete Coach App Features

The Coach app will streamline the process of accessing athletes ithlete data facilitating informed decision making and so more personalised and responsive training plans.

The ithlete Coach app allows you to oversee the key Pro data for all of your athletes from one central dashboard. The new app is accessible from any web browser making it easy to use from a computer, tablet or mobile.

Select your athletes from the scrollable list on the left hand side to load their Timeline, Training Guide and Reading Viewer. This provides all the information you will need to see their current readiness and recovery status as well as a their HRV and subjective score trends.

A simple check mark against each athlete’s name lets you see who has completed their reading each day helping to monitor compliance and ensure efficient data review.

How the ithlete Coach App works

How ithlete coach app works
  • Athletes take their morning readings using the ithlete handset App
  • Readings are automatically uploaded to their ithlete Pro account
  • The coach signs-in to the ithlete Coach App to view the clients Pro data


The ithlete Coach App is free to use so get started today.