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Prevent overtraining with ithlete

Overtraining can take weeks to months to recover from and, as with most things, prevention is better than cure. By the time your body is presenting the symptoms of overtraining it is too late. Monitoring your HRV with ithlete will provide early warnings that you are heading towards overtraining.

For anyone who enjoys competitive sports, ithlete is the only scientifically founded iPhone or Android app that accurately measures HRV. Using ithlete also provides colour coded daily training recommendations allowing athletes to adopt a personal training regimen to maximise your performance whilst maintaining excellent health.

Benefits of using ithlete

Gauging the optimum training load

This is a challenge for even the most experienced athletes and coaches. How do you ensure you’re working out enough to see performance improvement without over doing it? How do you hit that crucial supercompensation zone without overtraining? Training is all about stress and recovery and a hard session will lower your ithlete score. If it stays low even with rest you could be on the edge of trouble.

Reduced injury risk

Most injuries happen when the body is stressed or tired, so use ithlete’s daily recommendations to avoid hard sessions when your body is already fatigued. Athletes who measure recovery and rest accordingly train significantly reduce the risk of illness and injury.

Improved performance

Once you are giving the body training loads it can cope with your training effectiveness will improve. Many athletes have achieved their personal best since using ithlete’s daily recommendations to optimise training.

Training efficiency

Make the most of every session with ithlete and stop losing time to non-functional overreaching, related illness (such as coughs and colds) or unproductive sessions.

Follow these four easy steps to get started with ithlete today!

Heart rate sensor
Choose a heart rate sensor

To measure heart rate variability (HRV) with ithlete you’ll need a heart rate sensor. You have the option to use an ithlete finger sensor or chest strap monitor. If you have a recent iPhone, iPad or Android device you may like to use our Bluetooth Smart chest strap monitor, or alternatively grab a Polar type analogue strap (we also offer one of these) and an ithlete ECG receiver to pick up the signal. Visit the ithlete store to find your preferred sensor.

ithlete display
Download the ithlete app

ithlete is available on both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. If you do want to check your model of smartphone or tablet is compatible check our FAQ page.

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ithlete measurement
One minute daily measurement

After waking each morning relax and sit comfortably, slip on a chest strap or finger sensor and follow the on screen instructions to get an accurate reading of your heart rate variability. Taking the measurement couldn’t be simpler and in 60 seconds you will have a personalised training recommendation for the day.

Wheelchair athlete
Reap the benefits of training with ithlete

The idea is quite simple. Training is all about stress and recovery. A hard session, lack of sleep, mental stress etc. will lower your number. If your reading drops significantly, take this as an early warning that you are overloading the system. On the other hand a high score lets you know you should make the most out of the day. Benefits of this include avoiding overtraining, workout optimisation, guilt free rest days, improved performance and much more!

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