ithlete Testimonials

Take a look at what some of the thousands of users think about their ithlete HRV experience.

I was sick a couple times this year and it’s cool to see the HRV reaction to Orange and Red when that happens. Prior to using this App I would have trained thru the illness. Not any more.

Ben Rocco

I have been using the system personally but also with some pro MMA fighters. It has been an incredible tool thus far. The fighters are buying into the program and having great results.


Skill of Strength LLC

I really like having the HRV number each morning to gauge my workouts from day-to-day rather than trying to follow a weekly schedule.

Jaacob Bowden

Professional Golfer

Supporting London 2012 Olympic athletes from other side of world. Text, phone, Kinesiocapture, ithlete r tools of the trade. (Twitter)

Ken Vick

Perfomance Coach

The Coach App has been sensational. I use it every day (along with other TrainingPeaks metrics) to assess my athletes readiness to train. It has been exactly what I was needing. A way of having all of my athletes listed on the one page and being able to click through each one, and quickly get an overview of their current position. I cannot think of any negative feedback. The app has worked perfectly.

I coach Mat Hayman who won Paris-Roubaix this year I used ithlete HRV to help direct daily training. It played a big role in his preparation.

Kevin Poulton

Coach, Powerhouse Cycling

My personal experience has been so good since I started using it, that I was starting to feel invincible, after years of struggling to manage my health while working and training and having some sort of a life

Janet Birkmyre

World Masters Champion Track Cyclist

The impact of this simple tool is profound. Now, if the ithlete tells me I need rest, I can take the day off without questioning my decision. I can recover far better without the deleterious effects of second-guessing myself. Likewise, if the ithlete says I have the green light to train at full gas, I don’t wonder whether I’m pushing myself too hard again. Not only has it helped me to get more from my physical training, but it has also relieved a huge amount of mental and emotional stress.

Amber Pierce

Professional Cyclist

In my role as a strength and conditioning coach, HRV has become a very important information about the daily state of my player (s). How much stress is in their body, how well are they recovered from last training session, what was the sleep quality? These are important answers you get from the system. ithlete is a quick, easy, and non invasive measure of readiness and fatigue. It takes a few minutes, and your test is stored in your phone. With the Team App, I get the test results even quicker on my computer, before the players arrive at the club, so I can make comparison between them, and immediate changes to training.

Alessandro Schoenmaker

FC Twente

I wrapped up with 9th in US master nat criterium and 30th in road race (60 and 80 starters respectively), so with my 4th in UCI masters worlds road qualifier it was a good year. I credit a lot of my improvement to the HRV program and my being able to track my recovery much better.

Bill Pedler

Road Cyclist

I am finding using HRV very helpful and I have enthusiastically recommended the ithlete finger sensor to several friends. It has changed the way I train and the way I recover.

Joel Schwartz

The huge bonus of ithlete is that it picked up that I was fighting the cold long before I had any symptoms #clever #trainsmart #hrv. (Twitter)

Claire Martin


Honestly, if you’re an athlete, S&C/ Performance Coach or serious trainer, you should get yourself ithlete as soon as yesterday. (Twitter)

Alexander Oviawe

Founder & CEO of Precision Sports Technologies Ltd.

After about 3 weeks using the system, I have nothing but praise. Its very accurate, a high HRV number does equate to a good performance that day, and the graphical representation is excellent for seeing trends. Overall at the moment I’d say It has made me cut back on my training just slightly (maybe 1 extra day of rest ever 1 1/2 weeks) but it has changed the timing of my rest days. I feel much better for it, am sleeping much better, feel more fresh, and like I have more snap every time out. Its a bit soon to claim it has improved my performance, but certainly if the way I feel is an indication its good-improved performance will certainly be forthcoming. ( Forum)



I have some practicality issues with Omega but very happy with HRV and ithlete (Twitter)

Darren Burgess

Head of High Performance, Arsenal FC

Your device has been a real godsend after a severe bout of overtraining syndrome last year.

Sarah Ledbury


As a physician I am impressed with the simplicity of the device. It is very sensitive and helps to monitor the intensity of your workout. Tells you if you are exercising too little or too much.

Arawi Belda


Amazing app. Thank you for making it even better. I recommend it to all the basketball players I train.


Basketball Coach

Stress management in my body is one of my big challenges since I’m now hormonally overdosed, due to past cancer in my thyroid. I was desperately searching for such a tool to track HRV for a personal use without the need of the computer and a big machine…Until I found ithlete! Thank you so much to the whole team for that awesome product!! You can’t imagine how happy I am to discover this product and the HRV possibilities :-)

Rémy Touzé

HRV has become a useful tool in the assessment of athlete readiness…ithlete has made measurement of HRV affordable, easy to use, and fast.

Darryl Eto

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Houston Rockets Basketball Team

The ithlete is a excellent product which really re-insures me that I am not over-training.

Jimmy Wilson


The tool is very well liked, often used by the riders and its amazing how exactly it works.

Giant Gellert

Professional cycling team

I compete as a professional athlete and almost always get ill in the lead up to competition – since I’ve been using the ithlete, it hasn’t happened!

Leigh Remedios

Pro MMA Fighter

A period when my index was 5 points higher than usual over a three week period corresponded with a race win and several PBs during time trials

Paul Matthews

Road Cyclist

Otherwise peaking and tapering are just guesswork – when am I ready? With ithlete, I know when I’m ready to race.

Nigel Strong


After six months training in tandem with ithlete, I hit the same climb and was delighted to see a 7 percent improvement in my personal best time

Michael Pinchen

Sportive Cyclist

With ithlete, my sleeping has improved. Which makes ithlete worth its weight in gold!

Andy Howard


ithlete is an integral component of my athlete monitoring system. It is a validated, reliable measurement of HRV that enhances our ability to identify players that may need modified training. I have used ithlete in elite environments for over 4 years and the recent introduction of the finger sensor has made the product even better.

Dr Craig Duncan

Head of High Performance, Sydney FC

On days when I felt tired and not tempted to exercise, ithlete told me otherwise and not only did I exercise but glad I did!

Graeme Howorth


ithlete has changed my unscientific approach to training and I can now realistically aim to peak before key events.

Paul Matthews

Road Cyclist

I’m really enjoying using ithlete. It gives me confidence in my training and I’m getting very fit at the moment

Phil Mosley


HRV is a holistic measure of the body with many possible parameters. These measures can be considered as a non-invasive way of assessing the body through time efficient means. The endocrine system is regulated by many different processes and HRV is a measure of these processes. Understanding the impact of stressors on the body as a whole has great benefits for the management of individual athletes in the team sport environment and is superior to the use of individual hormonal measures. HRV allows physiologists, sports scientists and strength and conditioning coaches to have a simple yet effective feedback tool on the current state of the athlete, along with the ability to assess trends within the group resulting from the applied training program. HRV is a tool that can be applied daily with a one off cost, and provides a simple yet reliable assessment that is actionable.

Dean Robinson

High Performance Coach, Essendon FC

The ithlete offers a simple and affordable method for athletes to chart heart rate variability. An easy one minute test can be performed in the morning, upon waking, and those results can then be emailed directly to the coach who can help instruct the athlete on what the days training should consist of. Additionally, the graphical analysis that the ithlete provides you with allows you to see trends over daily, weekly, and monthly time frames, so that not only can daily training be modulated, but also, complete training cycles can be formulated depending on the athletes own ability to resist training stressors and make the necessary adaptations. Finally, recovery methods can be strategically employed to help influence the nervous system into a more favorable balance between parasympathetic and sympathetic states.

Patrick Ward

CSCS LMT Performance Coach & Soft Tissue Therapist