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ithlete Team System

Simple, objective recovery analysis from the leaders in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) monitoring.

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Why monitor your team’s recovery with Heart Rate Variability?

Safely train players to their peak

  • Reduce time lost to illness and injury
  • Optimise every training session for individual readiness
  • Understand personal training response & recovery levels

ithlete Team System Features

  • Simple and reliable validated one minute measurement
  • Use with the exclusive ithlete Finger Sensor or a compatible HRM chest strap
  • Capture data using individual mobile app or team iPad devices
  • Centralised team dashboard offers recovery stats at a glance
  • Visualise the relationship between load, recovery and readiness
  • New email feature enables coaches to promote compliance remotely
  • Export data: customers are given access to our secure APIs for extracting team data in JSON and CSV formats

How the ithlete Team System works

  • Players take a reading on their mobile device or the team iPad
  • Each reading gets automatically uploaded to the ithlete Team System
  • Data is instantly available in the dashboard
  • Coaches can make informed training decision first thing each day
  • Data resides on the ithlete Cloud making it secure and accessible, any time of the day
ithlete Team System Cloud


The ithlete Team System is priced at $110 (£75/€96) per athlete per year.

If you want to hear more or to arrange a trial, please get in touch:

We believe the new Team app is a definite upgrade. The Training Guide has been great as quick visual of how the team is recovering from day to day.
Raymond Braithwaite

Coach, Hawkeyes Football, University of Iowa

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