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Using the same science as hospital pulse monitors, the ithlete Finger sensor is the most convenient way to measure heart rate variability.

Now available with Lightning or USB-C connectors. Please note that the UK price includes VAT, but following Brexit, import taxes such as TVA may be payable in EU countries by the customer.

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The ithlete Finger Sensor is the most convenient way to measure heart rate variability.

The most convenient way to measure heart rate variability, the ithlete Finger Sensor brings an ergonomic design and comfortable fit to daily HRV measurement. With a robust build, shielding from external light and increased sensitivity this sensor will work more easily, for more people, and for longer than any other available.


  • Simplicity & convenience of measurement
  • Durable and portable, perfect for travel
  • No battery required
  • High quality design
  • Scientifically validated
  • Universal to any device with a Lightning connector or USB-C port

How to use the ithlete Finger Sensor

The ithlete Finger Sensor is extremely simple to use, simply place it on your finger, plug into your device and you’re ready to go. Open the ithlete app, select take a reading and follow the 1 minute paced breathing measurement. The app will then deliver objective, actionable guidance on your training and recovery.

To get the best experience with your Finger Sensor please ensure you follow these tips:

  • The receiver is fully plugged into the phone, and is not blocked by a case or sleeve (which should make a firm ‘click’)
  • The fleshy part of the left index finger is level with the end of the finger sensor
  • Make sure your hand is resting (palm up) on a hard surface
  • Remain still throughout the measurement

The ithlete Finger Sensor relies on an infrared light being sent through the fingertip to monitor blood flow. For this reason it can be sensitive to interference from bright lights. If you are finding you’re having trouble getting a reading, try turning your hand palm down or covering the finger sensor with the phone during measurement.

This video provides further guidance on using your sensor.


How does the ithlete Finger Sensor work?

The finger sensor monitors HRV in the same way as the pulse monitors often seen in hospital emergency departments. Infra-red light is sent through the tip of the finger with a sensor on the other side that measures changes in the amount of light received. As the heart beats blood is sent around the body, with each beat the blood density is the finger changes and it is these changes that are recorded by the finger sensor.

As with all ithlete heart rate variability measurements, this information is processed to present you with a daily HRV number and personalised training recommendations.


All current iPhones, iPads and even an iPod Touch are compatible with the ithlete Finger Sensor.

Phones with a USB-C port and running Android v4.3 or later. In practice, this means most current Android models. If you’re unsure get in touch via email and we’ll be happy to help.

Please Note

The ithlete finger sensor has been tested on hundreds of people and works fine in the vast majority of cases. However, people with poor circulation in their fingers, low blood pressure, or who are wearing thick nail varnish may experience problems and are advised to choose another sensor type, such as a chest strap. We also don’t recommend the finger sensor for children, due to the small size of their fingers.

The ithlete Finger Sensor is designed specifically for use with the ithlete HRV app and is not compatible with any other apps at this time.

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Lightning, USB-C

88 reviews for ithlete Finger Sensor

  1. MarkWilliams

    This has made test my hrv easy and fast in the mornings it was never nice having to wake up and mess about with a heart rate strap when you just wake up

  2. WardBrady

    The finger sensor has, in my opinion, made ithlete truly useful. It is so much simpler that putting on the chest strap. I would rate 10 stars of I could.

  3. andrewswartz


  4. TylerFarwell

    I find the finger sensor to be very user friendly as well as quick and efficient when compared to using a HR monitor with strap.

  5. AustinJones

    It is great, much easier & quicker than using a chest strap.

  6. LorettoReiken

    It’s a lot easier to use and quicker to get a reading in the morning. Heaps better and more user friendly

  7. jerzymucha

    Very easy to use , works straight away ,I am enjoying it better than the previous version (chest strap).
    If I could add a constructive criticism that would be a jackplug. Most people use cover for their phones. In my case I need to take the cover off my iphone (which wears it out If done frequently) each time I want to measure my HRV as the jackpot is too short(or my cover too thick).This is a detail but I believe many users would appreciate.
    Sensor itself works perfect.

  8. StephanHalter

    I just love this finger sensor. Not having to wrestle with the chest strap makes the morning readings much more relaxing. Portability is another huge plus.
    Maybe it’s just the recent software update, but the readings seem to be more accurate, and overtraining detection is now very sensitive and reproducible.

  9. MartinKyburz


  10. DarrenDunn

    I’ve been slowly upgrading through the ithlete products over the years. I started with the ECG receiver, moved on to the Bluetooth Smart HRM and now using the finger sensor. The finger sensor is the easiest most convenient to use. No more messing around wetting straps in the morning. Just plug in and away you go. Excellent.

  11. BoisWilson

    This sensor is terrific. Using the chest belt and receiver the reading often took way too long, but the finger sensor gets a reading within a minute!

  12. BrandonWeese

    Absolutley essential device for training. Period.

  13. AndrewDolphin

    Brilliant addition to the range, saves having to mess around with HR strap

  14. AndrewDeans

    Easy to use and affordable. The finger sensor is a convenient method of measuring HRV. It’s helping me to optimise my training by teaching me how my body reacts to training loads. An excellent biofeedback tool.

  15. peterwoodger

    Hi All at ithlete,received the finger sensor & bluetooth chest strap from you within a few days of placing my order. I”ve found both items a big improvement from the first cardio-monitor strap.i find now that the HRV readings appear to be higher & in the GREEN (fully recovered)Zone more often,perhaps because its taken seated?

  16. MichaelNaughton

    Great product! Easy to use.

  17. Dennis Cheatham

    Outstanding device.

  18. SteveMadama

    Great training product and one of the best ways to monitor your recovery.

  19. TinaKinsley

    So much more convenient than a chest strap. Excellent product.

  20. AndrewGriffin

    For some unknown reason, the finger senor did not work reliably for me. Ithlete were very helpful and sent another senor for me to try, which again did not work for me (more down to me rather than the device, as worked on others). Ithlete then sent very quickly an ECG version which worked perfectly (I use an iPad 2 so Bluetooth chest strap not compatible). I’m now starting to take daily readings, establishing benchmarks and learning how to use the information ithlete gives me as input into my training/ recovery.

  21. MarkQuirk

    I sometimes have to reposition the sensor once or twice to keep a reliable signal, but once done, its easy to use and shows consistency over multiple readings which is good.

  22. mikeboggia

    The finger sensor works great and is way faster then putting on a heart rate monitor every time

  23. EnriqueAcevedo

    I have not been able to use it yet, I have a case that does not allow me to plug the sensor properly, I wonder if you sell an adaptor 3.5mm plug to 3.5mm jack in order to plug the sensor. The case that I have protects my IPhone very good. I already removed the rubber part around the phone’s jack to see if the sensor work with no luck. It works well without the case. Again, I need to protect my phone

  24. TrevorFullbright

    Fantastic add-on, much easier to use the a HR strap.

  25. AndrewHoward

    Works brilliantly. Quick and hassle free.

  26. JonathanEggett

    Easy to use, and less fiddly than using a heart rate monitor.

  27. RonnieGrandell

    Easy to use, much quicker than using a chest-strap, and having compared the results using the finger-sensor and chest-strap, the measurement results are the same. I highly recommend this, it has really made me use the ithlete app consistently.

  28. DavidWhite

    Excellent product. Works well and is invaluable in planning when to rest and when to run. Highly recommended.

  29. JosephThomas Jr

    Very easy to use.

  30. ThomasBlackadar

    Nice device

  31. TonyCowgill

    Took a while to discover best method of getting a reading ie sensor on little finger which has to be held low but now getting consistent results and very appreciative of an excellent piece of kit. The equipment now provides great results which are an invaluable daily health indication.

  32. RobertFaulkner

    Very good product

  33. KarlMcConnell

    Simple, which is great. Much better than a chest strap. The convenience means I use it daily. I don’t think that would have happened had I gone with the chest strap. I love that the cost of this technology has come down so much over the last few years as it makes it accessable to more than just elite athletes.
    It’s great to know when to back off training, but just as important is it lets me know that I can go harder than I thought. I’m seeing better results because I’ve underestimated my capacity in the past.


    It’s a reliable app.

  35. SteveHoffmann

    Works perfectly. On my galaxy s3 I have to close all other apps first though before a pulse is detected. Other than that works well.


    The finger sensor is very easy to use and precise. One reading first thing in the morning is an easy habit to develop. Also, the small carrying bag is handy for traveling.

  37. johnrose

    Simple effective product easy to use and works nicely

  38. josephpace

    The product is very easy to use and correlates well with “how my body feels”. I am amazed at how well this device can read my body fatigue/rest levels. My personal stressors tend to be more from work/diet/sleep rather than from my training. Using this device has given me a quantifiable feedback mechanism now to gauge just how well or poorly I have treated myself. This has helped me to train smarter but also to take better care of myself.

  39. PeterKristensen

    Interesting product. My training is pretty stable and aerobic, so it doesn’t affect fra HRV very much. But interesting to see the HRV drop the day after som anaerobic training. But I’m able to see if I’ve been eating healthy, sleeping enough etc. So basically, yeah, it really tells me if I’m healthy, today.


    If Carlsburg did personal trainers!



  42. JosephMaffei

    Works great every time and much more accurate than chest strap. I couldn’t get a consistent signal while sitting so I just do the test while standing still in the same position every time. It definitely allows me to track my stress and recovery and seems to correlate well with my intuitive feel for things.

  43. MikeDerecola

    Very easy to use
    Price is a little high for finger sensor I thought but worth the money
    Love the unit for sports performance

  44. Anthony Gardner

    GREAT Product, I was using the chest strap before but bought the finger sensor. The finger sensor is so much easier to use. Love it!!

  45. ThomasBarton

    It works. I’ve noticed my HRV is higher with this device. And it does take longer to sync and prepare for a recording. But, even with those minor issues, it is much more convenient than the chest strap.

  46. StephenLalley

    It’s a lot easier now to use the product. I am concerned that it’s over rating my conditioning. There was a gap of about two months where I did not take my readings as my old method was not syncing anymore with my iPad. I don’t know the heartrate transmitter was failing our perhaps the wireless dongle but it would not work most of the time. When I started using the finger sensor I am now at least 5 points higher than before. I would have given the finger sensor five out of five but I’m wondering if the tool is now over rating.

  47. TobyHead

    This is a great addition to the ithlete products as often it is not easy to use the chest strap to take a reading. the only issue I have found is that the 3.5mm socket is too big when you have a case or cover on the iPhone – I solved this with a short extension connection but please look at a thinner design for you 3.5mm plug

  48. rogertakahashi

    After purchasing the hardware, I was surprised to have to pay 10$ for the app to run it.

  49. HelenaWard

    Works great, does exactly what it says. My only negative comment would be that I have to take my phone cover off to use it as the plug isn’t long enough.

  50. PrieurDu Plessis

    The product is potentially very useful, but on occasion takes an awfully long time to pick up a stable pulse rate signal.

  51. RickAllison

    Great convenient and accurate way to take quick HRV measurement. No messing with chest bands and wetting skin sensor.

  52. JasperLub

    Works great. No fuss with HRM-straps.
    Really supports the the training plans. When HRV turns orange I might still feel ok but performance on the MTB shows what ithlete already told me in the morning.
    Just pacing yourself helps recovery time. Other way around also works. Lack of sleep may not mean that you can perform hard during a training if HRV is green. Just give it a go and you will surprise yourself.

  53. RickMartinez

    Love it. Easy, simple and wicked accurate

  54. JarmoSuihkonen

    Very easy and convenient to use compared to belt systems!

  55. JavierPena

    The sensor works fine, but at the very beginning it is a bit difficult to get data from it. More than probable it needs an activation time and it would be perfect to mention that within the instructions.
    The app works fine but its design is a bit improvable.
    It would be perfect to know how the app makes the calculations and to be able to choose in between the different formulas.

  56. MarkBallou

    Really like this product. Wish it worked better with a case. The current design doesn’t accommodate. I’ve tried a recommended extender, but it mucks up the data. Without my case it works perfectly. Have ordered an alternate extender that I hope will correct the issue and prevent the inconvenience of having to pull my phone out of its case every time. Great communication & customer support from the the iThlete team!

  57. AlanDerrick

    This is definitely the most convenient method of measuring heart rate and HRV with the iThlete app on a daily basis, especially for those of us who also use our phones as an alarm clock; the sensor and measurement device (phone) are always there ready to use on waking. I have had problems obtaining a reading when sleeping in a particularly cold room

  58. LanceNeubauer

    I love the finger sensor most of the time, sometimes it gets tricky to get it working correctly. I’ve found the most consistent success on the left ring finger. I find it fails often on my pointers or middle fingers.

  59. HenryThompson

    The finger sensor is small and easy to use. Prefer it over the chest strap.

  60. WilliamKirousis

    I like the finger sensor hugely. I want athletes I coach to use HRV, and this is much simpler than dealing with a chest strap. I’ve found it easy to use personally, and folks have enjoyed it. Like anything, sometimes it seems to not pick up the signal well… But if that occurs, it’s almost always quickly resolved by trying a measurement again. Overall, very handy and highly functioning product.

  61. ChristiPowers

    Good product, sometimes loses signal while trying to take a reading.

  62. SarraDally

    Very compact and practical model. Simple and straight forward app showing clear data. Not sensitive enough with small female digits, usually need to dangle hand below waist level to get a clear reading.

  63. DaleEns

    Still learning what conclusions to draw about my readiness to workout and the ithlete output. The device is easy to use and the software is very simple (on my iPad). Online purchase dead easy and very quick delivery.

  64. MichaelSomppi

    Easy to use. Less hassle than putting on a heart rate strap and trying to connect to the ithlete device.

  65. KevinSandau

    Much more responsive unit than the HR strap dongle and quick and easy to use. the construction seems a little flimsily and wonder how long it will hold up to daily use but so far so good.

  66. AdrianMellor

    After a bit of teething trouble, largely down to finding the best finger to try the probe on this works well. So far the HRV reinforces my feeling of rest and wellness each morning, I’ve not had an injury or illness to work through whilst using it.

    The app is a nice interface to use, very straightforward. I’ve dropped one star because in an ideal world it the fields for subjective feelings would be editable.

  67. OeysteinJaklin

    The finger sensor is very easy to use and reliable. I always get the measurement right on the first try. Great app as well.

  68. MatthewRhoten

    This is the way to go for monitoring in the morning. If you try to use a chest strap, you’re going to discover what I discovered: chest straps suck if you haven’t been sweating for a while.

    Electrolytic gel is just not in my morning routine. So the finger sensor is definitely the way to do for “first thing in the morning” HRV monitoring. It’s lightweight, easy to keep out of the way, inexpensive, and works great.

  69. NeilChamberlain

    Very easy to use and seems accurate compared to how my body is feeling and the training load undertaken.

  70. JohnAntinora

    After an initial learning curve I am able to take a reading during the first 55 second segment about 95% of the time. It will still intermittently drop signal

  71. Maartenvan Wesenbeeck

    Very useful!

  72. Jean-FrançoisGuimont

    Not always 100% reliable
    Wire a bit fragile at the base.
    Connector too big (square), I had to cut a hole in my phone case.

  73. JenniferHanks

    What a great, simple, affordable, and reliable product to help assess training load. My only recommendation would be to change the subjective indications to be entered prior to HRV monitoring so that perception of these subjective indicators is not skewed by the HRV reading. Overall, very pleased with the product!

  74. CarlAshdown

    I like the product, sometimes drops out or can’t pick up heart rate but generally a very useful product.

  75. ChristianMüntener

    I’m happy with this product:
    – HRV Score
    – Leads to training behaviour proposal
    – Statistics
    – Finger Sensor doesn’t find pulse quite often
    – I always take 3 or more measurements, they are often almost equal… but sometimes they differ up to 20 HRV points!

  76. Thomasvan den Hof

    Finger sensor somewhat tight, therefore it has difficulty finding pulse. lowering the arm solves the problem.

  77. Cjgervais (verified owner)

    Works great. Very simple and easy to use, especially when you’re still half asleep. Any athlete serious about their training should invest in one!

  78. Brian Schwind (verified owner)

    Love it!! This sensor makes it so much easier to perform my HRV test in the morning. I also believe it provides for a more accurate reading since I am not squirming around in bed trying to put my HR strap on before the test now. Money well spent.

  79. Jeff Aden (verified owner)

    The sensor does not work all the time. It also times out in the middle and somewhat frustrating to use.

    • Simon Wegerif

      Dear Jeff,

      Sorry to hear you are having problems – often times it’s a case of getting the knack for the right position, and what’s really important is:

      1. Select a finger where the sensor fits snugly but without constricting blood flow (for men with larger hands, the pinkie is fine)

      2. When the sensor is in a good position, you will be able to feel the pulse in that finger, and will get a steady 3-4 ‘pips’ on the app signal quality indication

      3. The back of the hand should be resting on a hard surface such as a table or desk, with palm upward so as not to obstruct blood flow in the wrist.

      4. The hand must be kept really still during the measurement. HRV is a very precise measure, and the algorithm will only tolerate a maximum of 3 minor artefacts before stopping the measure for accuracy reasons.

      Hope this helps, best regards.

  80. AJ

    Absolutely flawless – works brilliantly. I discovered HRV late last year and it has been transformational for my training. Once you’ve found the optimal finger position, works first time, every time. Excellent bit of kit.

  81. Peter (verified owner)

    Works a treat. The output is really useful to target training interventions. Big thumbs up!

  82. Gary

    This is definitely the best way to go. It is so convenient and I recommend it to everybody.

  83. Roeland (verified owner)

    I had some trouble getting it to work. Neither of my fingers seemed to be suitable. Finally my little finger (the last one I tried) gets a reliable connection. My other fingers are probably to thick… I have to take care that I don’t put it to far over the finger. Now that I found the right position, it works as a charm and is much easier than a chest band every morning.

  84. Juan (verified owner)

    I bought the Ithlete system to follow up my cycling performance but in particular because I was operated 4 years ago and got a triple by-pass. Recovery has been fantastic but heart rate on its own has not been enough. The ability to have an idea about fatigue is great and after a month has proven to be a great tool. Sleep and stress are so far the big ones for me. Service for delivery was perfect with great follow up and the system works well every morning, the use of the Pro app is useful. Great job Ithlete, the next improvement is to provide more information about interpretation of the graphs and data sets.

  85. Angela (verified owner)

    The finger sensor makes HRV just so much easier: in the morning, simply plug it into my phone or tablet’s earphone jack, stick the other end on my finger, and I’m good to go. No more fiddling with a chest strap HRM while I’m still half asleep, nevermind the age old issue of the chest strap often needing to be a little damp to transmit! This is quick and and simple and so easy to use! HRV stats have added so much to my understanding of my body and how my training is affecting me from one day to the next. I now have a better idea of why I might be more tired one day, how hard it is advisable to push myself on today’s run. I love seeing the ‘go for it!’ message on iThlete Pro in the mornings!!!

  86. EEprof (verified owner)

    Love the fact that it is soooo easy to use. Did not like the fact that it is soooo over priced. Available for $20 in the makerspace market.

    • Simon Wegerif

      Dear EEprof,
      With respect, although the sensor we sell was originally based on an OEM design, we had to make a number of modifications to make it suitable for consumer & research HRV measurement. We changed the silicone cuff for a non-biohazardous FDA compliant material, we made physical changes to the cuff, we changed the cable for a better quality type and introduced an electronic sub assembly for interfacing to smartphones. All these not only added considerably to the material cost, but we spent literally hundreds of hours testing and evaluating the design (and are still continuously refining it). Finally, we include packaging and airmail shipping in the price, so all in all we would hope you consider the cost is fair & reasonable for the value it provides.

  87. Alex (verified owner)

    Much better than using a heart rate strap. Occasionally, the hr will drop out when using the finger sensor which is why I knocked off a star. It’s annoying to get to 5″ remaining only for it to drop out and have to restart the test. But it is much better then having to put the strap on my chest.

    • Simon Wegerif

      Thanks for the feedback Alex! Its worth ensuring that your hand is really still throughout the measure, palm facing upwards and also don’t over-breathe. Shallow nasal breathing is fine.

  88. C Pierce

    I like the finger sensor! I have both it and the ECG receiver, but I prefer this to the receiver because I don’t have to fuss with the chest strap first thing in the morning when I take my reading. LOVE HRV tracking and LOVE ithlete! – C Pierce

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