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ithlete Pro gives you more. A more meaningful, actionable and guided experience. Run from any major web browser and within the ithlete mobile app, ithlete Pro delivers greater analysis and insights than ever before. Furthermore, your data is safely stored and easily accessed across multiple devices. Plus you can take a 28-day no obligation free trial to explore the features too!

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ithlete Pro gives you more. A more meaningful, actionable and guided experience. Run from any major web browser and within the ithlete mobile app, ithlete Pro delivers greater analysis and insights than ever before. Furthermore, your data is safely stored and easily accessed across multiple devices.

Visit the ithlete Pro page for details.

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15 reviews for ithlete Pro subscription

  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    so good, but could be more if other applications like Training Peaks supported it

  2. bruchpilot74

    The ithlete pro subscription is really a great thing. I helps you understand your body a lot better because it provides a lot of insight. Training an recovery can can be planned a lot more according to your needs!

  3. Finn (verified owner)

    The iphone app is very straightforward to use and the interface is excellent. I have my bluetooth heartrate strap lying next to my bed, so I take very consistent measurements of HRV every morning straight after I wake up. It only takes 2 minutes and that includes putting the strap on and lying back down to get my HR to settle. After taking the reading I then enter the subjective quality of sleep rating using the slider. The other subjective ratings for mood, muscle soreness, etc. I enter at the end of the day when I also enter the subjective training load and any notes (in my case my powerbreath training load number). All of this is uploaded to my account automatically straight away. The dashboard on the website gives a very good overview, but you can also look at the details easily. The training recommendations for the day come ‘too late’ for me in the sense that I would already have completed my training when i look at the site at night. Of course after a short while of using iThelete I got to know which HRV values signify good, medium or bad training days for me, so I would normally have made adjustments to my training plans already. Besides, HRV should in my opion only be part of the assesment, which ithelte supports by letting you enter the subjective values.
    The only thing missing – badly! – is integration with Trainingpeaks. Manually transferring the data into TP, so I have everything in one place, is a bit of a pain.
    Overall, great product at a reasonable price.

  4. Martin Stockley (verified owner)

    I have been using Ithlete Team for several years now for myself and for a sprint swimmer whom I coach. Our training regime is actually a ‘recovery’ regime in that we don’t have training aims we have recovery aims and Ithlete has been invaluable for guaging training levels. That said it is never quite clear, particularly with a sprinter, how best to respond to rising and falling HRV levels in order to get the most effective recovery.

    This last week we subscribed to Ithlete Pro and uploaded our previous data and we now have a much more valuable gauge of condition because we can now see the relationship between recovery and system activation. For myself, a fit 60 year old non-athlete, I can see how a recent bout of bronchitis maps out clearly in my HRV response; not just showing reduced HRV levels but high activation as the body is responding to the illness. For my athlete, currently in a pre-competition taper, we can clearly see the difference between yesterday, good recovery but low activation, and today, good recovery and normal activation.

    If you are serious about your health and your sport this is the best app I have come across and it is developed and managed by people with expertise and interest in sport and health, not merely app developers.

  5. Padraig (verified owner)

    I have been using ithlete for 2 years and ithlete Pro for 6 months. I find ithlete Pro helps me plan my day’s training and recovery. Often I wake up in the morning and feel sore from the previous day’s workout but with a good HRV reading. At such times I know that I should at least start my workout to see how I feel before calling it off. More times than not, I begin to feel well after 10 or 15 minutes and can complete the activity. This is very valuable for me as it means I don’t miss a workout due to not feeling the best in the morning.

    I also like the way that ithlete Pro maps Recovery and Activation and gives advice depending on what quadrant you are in but I would like to understand more how this mapping it done.

  6. Darren (verified owner)

    I have come to have real confidence in the Ithlete pro data from my readings each morning. Listening to my body and looking at my running data there is a very good correlation. I use the finger sensor on waking. At times it struggles to get a reading stopping before the minute is up, which is frustrating. This however is quite few and far between. The HRV score and then the positioning on the ithlete grid gives me a good feel of performance that day. More importantly, the trend over time gives a good sense of any corrective action i need to take. For me, it is more often than not to get more sleep and not to have that extra glass of wine! the score is also very sensitive to any onset of cold or virus meaning I can take preventative action such as upping Vit C. In all it is a great tool and good pro app. Thank you!

  7. JPW (verified owner)

    The more I play with this, the better it gets. Not being a triathlete any more, but still keeping fit at 46, I have learnt:
    · training is the lesser of the stresses on my body
    · Work stress can definitely affect – a lot; and a lot more than my training
    · But a combination of more than 4 glasses of alcohol and reduced sleep, is the worst thing for my nervous system!
    So in summary, when I am doing the right things, it confirms I am generally good to go. But when things start getting on top of me, it’s a red light to take it easy for a day or two until I rebalance. And the older I get, the more important it is not to tip myself over the edge. The tool is invaluable.

  8. Rodney (verified owner)

    Such a useful tool and now with TrainingPeaks integration a powerful combination

  9. Ole Hoffmann (verified owner)

    Very useful tool for my training planning and stress monitoring. I also like the integrated content provided. Most blogs are into my alley.

  10. Roland Meijer (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the ithlete iphone app and website for a month now and I’m really satisfied. I find the Training Guide on the ithlete Pro webpage very useful and I also like the integration with TrainingPeaks!

  11. Jeff Perron (verified owner)

    I never hesitate to recommend it to friends and peers. The ability to look past your inner motivation to make objective decisions is invaluable. I rarely, if ever get into a state of deep fatigue. The heightened detail of the Pro subscription has been appreciated. There are areas where I see need for improvement, but the development of the platform continues to progress and I am very satisfied.

  12. Phillip Kaspersen (verified owner)

    So far, so good. I use ithlete pro every morning just after waking up. It is very easy to use, and the training recommendations on the pro website are really helpful. Even though there is not always a correlation between how I feel and the values shown here, I think they are accurate since they take into account other life stressors beside the pure training stress. And that is something I tend to overlook.

  13. Laura Andrews

    The finger sensor makes HRV just so much easier: in the morning, simply plug it into my phone or tablet’s earphone jack, stick the other end on my finger, and I’m good to go. No more fiddling with a chest strap HRM while I’m still half asleep, never mind the age old issue of the chest strap often needing to be a little damp to transmit! This is quick and and simple and so easy to use! HRV stats have added so much to my understanding of my body and how my training is affecting me from one day to the next. I now have a better idea of why I might be more tired one day, how hard it is advisable to push myself on today’s run. I love seeing the ‘go for it!’ message on ithlete Pro in the mornings!!! Angela

  14. Merv (verified owner)

    I am very apprehensive about purchasing apps with an automatic renewal as I like to be in control of my expenditure but I am glad that I did buy this, I am surprised sometimes when it says I am good to go when I don’t really feel like I can but that is all the motivation that I need, my Garmin FR inveritably tells me that l need 36 / 48 hrs rest after a run (which often feels far to long) but when I use Ithlete it tells me I am fine and that is what I go by now.

  15. Michael Ishøi

    The ithlete finger sensor cost me less than 50£ and has helped me so much. In the most of 2015 I was troubled with longer periods of on/off arrhythmias and those periods would come 7-10 times a year. I was offered a Radiofrequency Ablation, but I was actually more interested in finding a balance in life effecting the heart. The HRV sensor has taught me a lot and I back off when it tells me to, even though I maybe have had other plans for that day. I haven now more insight in to the course of stress, training, caffeine, alcohol etc. … and there are now much longer tome between periods. Only having one episode this year in 2016.

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