Ausberger Panthers HRV

Sven Herzog

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Augsburger Panther Ice Hockey Team

“ithlete helps me achieving the athlete specific goals.”

High Fatigue Challenges

In ice hockey we have a tough schedule with 2-3 games within a week. Therefore, overtraining is a big issue in our sport. I have a lot of experience of poor compensated movement patterns due to a high fatigue index, resulting in an injury (especially adductors/groin problems). Also infections during the period between November and January are pretty wide spread in hockey teams. Mostly the players with a high fatigue index and a high stress level are more prone to pick up a virus.

Before using ithlete I have just measured the fatigue level by checking the RPE (rated perceived exertion level). Additionally, I have checked the body via bioelectrical impedance measurement. But I needed something more.

Introducing ithlete

The first time I came in touch with ithlete was during the German Hockey Athletic Conference in 2014. Gerrit Keferstein introduced that in their book as a “cheap” tool for measuring HRV. I started using ithlete myself and with my team by 2015 and still do, daily.

Since using ithlete as a training tool the coaching is way more individualized. Especially concerning the daily decision making, whether a player might need an aerobic buffer workout or if a player shouldn´t even practice anaerobically on the ice. I know what metabolic load he is most able to adapt. We don´t have a long term periodization, it is more a day by day decision, for which ithlete is extremely helpful.

Usually I follow the ithlete recommendations, and with great results. Sadly, there are situations in pro sports where you have to make a decision against the ithlete recommendation because we need players to play a hockey game! In general, concerning the metabolic load of a workout I follow the ithlete recommendations!

Achieving Goals

Unfortunately we didn´t achieve our team goal last year (making the 2016 play-offs.). I don´t think that was due to a wrong use of ithlete data. At the end of the day the athletic part is “just” one brick in a big wall. Winning or losing hockey games rely more on the depth of your roster (still). However I would agree ithlete helps me achieving the athlete specific goals.


I think ithlete is a good monitoring tool! Simple, precise and with understandable feedback for the athlete! The ithlete Team System solution completes the offering making this a good measurement at a very good price.

Sven Herzog

Sven holds a University degree as a Coach alongside a number of professional coaching qualifications including Triathlon Coach Level 2, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Functional Myofascial Trainer and Male nurse in orthopedics.