garmin-and-ithlete-pro-widgetGarmin and ithlete Pro

Garmin are regarded by many endurance athletes as the ‘go-to’ devices for monitoring and logging their workouts and everyday activities. As well as providing stats during the workout your training data is synced to Garmin Connect to view more detailed insights. Connect is also an important intermediate to popular training analysis apps such as Training Peaks, Strava, and now ithlete Pro!


Syncing your Garmin Connect and ithlete Pro accounts brings together your workout and recovery data for a comprehensive picture of your training.

  • Accurately assess the impact of a given workout on your HRV
  • See how training performance relates to morning HRV and subjective metrics
  • Understand which workouts have the greatest HRV cost
  • Know which workouts best aid recovery
  • Automatically create a useful training log with no manual recording
  • Manage your taper to perfection

How to connect Garmin and ithlete Pro

We’ve been working with Garmin to ensure a smooth upload of your activity data from Garmin Connect to ithlete Pro in a very few simple steps:

  1. First, enable the Garmin widget from the tools menu on the right hand side of ithlete Pro screen tools
  1. Click on the widget and sign in to Garmin Connect to give your permission for ithlete Pro to use your data.


  1. Once synced, your Timeline will start to show your latest workouts uploaded directly without you having to do anything further. The first thing you may notice is that your previous training load entries have been faded to gray and new ones are in a dark black bar, with a new scale1 on the right.garmin-training-load-display

Using the Garmin data in ithlete Pro

Clicking on any black bar will allow you to see the detailed data for that activity within the widget. Scroll down to reveal further information such as cycling speed, running pace and elevation gain. If you did more than one workout on a given day, you will be able to keep scrolling down and read all the details for that one too.

Garmin-and-ithlete-pro-workout-info-displayData reported includes:

  • Activity type
  • Start time
  • Duration
  • Distance
  • Calories burned
  • Average & Maximum heart rate
  • Average & Maximum speed


In summary, the new Garmin sync facility seamlessly calculates and displays your Training Loads in ithlete Pro next to your HRV and subjective metrics and gives you an automated training log without having to make any notes if you don’t want to! (Although you can always add a comment to the ithlete daily reading for anything you haven’t captured elsewhere).

Get Synced Now

Note: If you aren’t yet using ithlete Pro already take advantage of a two-week free trial now.

Introducing the Bluetooth Smart & ANT+ Compatible HRM Strap

We are further enhancing Garmin device compatibility by introducing a new heart rate monitor strap that works with both iOS / Android Smart phones as well as Garmin Edge, Forerunner and Fenix devices. This Cardiosport strap transmits both Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ for Garmin devices simultaneously, and is additionally very light in weight with a battery life of up to 900 hrs. So now you only need one heart rate monitor to use during exercise and to perform your morning ithlete reading.

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1 This scale uses a calculation called TRIMP, invented by Dr Eric Bannister, which involves creating an intensity factor for the workout and multiplying by the duration of the workout in minutes. TRIMP has been validated in scientific studies and correlates highly with other popular Training Load calculations such as TSS. In order for the calculation to be as accurate as possible, please ensure your date of birth and gender are set correctly in the ithlete Pro profile, accessed from the top of the screen.