MAF training with Dr Phil Maffetone

In this second interview between Simon Wegerif and Dr Phil Maffetone they cover the MAF method. Including how this training method can improve performance, fat burning efficiency and your heart rate variability (HRV).

How accurate are consumer pulse sensors?

Not very – according to a review recently undertaken by CNET. Senior Editor Sharon Profis collaborated with Cardiologist Dr Jon Zaroff to compare some popular health tracker devices to medical ECG equipment at rest and during treadmill exercise at quite high...

Tuesday Tip: Using and maintaining your HRM strap

Many athletes use a heart rate monitor (HRM strap) during exercise to monitor the intensity of their training.  We often assume this is a ‘fit and forget’ accessory, but there seems to be a lack of useful tips for use and care of the strap itself. With particular...