Why ithlete? Adding context to HRV with Wellness metrics

Many people enjoy watching their HRV number fall after hard training, followed by a rebound a day or two later can be very satisfying. They also notice the impact of a late night for example, or a short illness. But it’s not always that simple to interpret the cause of changes.

Why ithlete? The HRV scoring system

We needed a measure that was scientifically credible from a 1 minute measurement and was intuitive for the user. Here is why our patented lnRMSSDx20 formula fitted the bill.

Why ithlete? The choice of sensor

There are many great reasons to choose ithlete, so many that we’ve written a blog series looking at why we do things the way we do. Follow the series to learn more about the type and length of measurement, how breathing influences your HRV and much more. The different...

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