Recording and importing Sleep into ithlete Pro

As athletes, sleep is our No1 recovery enabler. Examples of comments we get from new ithlete HRV users are ‘my morning HRV is nearly always good so long as I’ve slept well’ and ‘that extra glass of wine made me sleep poorly, which affected my HRV and recovery the next...

Mallorca 312 cyclosportive race report

Once again this was one of my main target events for the year, and the training camp I performed in Tenerife in March was intended to prepare me for over 5000 vertical metres of climbing in the 312 km of the event. This has now become one of the premier long distance...

HRV and Ketogenic diet – potential sports applications.

In our ‘food obsessed society’ we are constantly bombarded by different trendy diets which often come with outlandish claims of great benefits. The one principle that professionals in the industry do seem to agree on these days is that there is no one diet that fits all.

Marginal Gains for a Big Improvement

Following on from a feature in the Guardian newspaper discussing marginal gains resulting in serious performance improvements we have posted a blog post taking a look at how ithlete contributes.