GB du/triathlete’s HRV and race performance correlation

I have been using ithlete for over three years now but it’s only been since the start of the year (2017) that I have started using it to its full potential with an ithlete Pro subscription. In previous years I would exclusively just use the iPhone app to help guide me...

Training for the Mallorca 312. The final month.

I have now begun my taper, with just a week to go before the 312km event in Mallorca next Saturday. I’m already in the centre zone of the Pro Training Guide, and expect to move rightwards during the week as my recovery continues to improve.

Tuesday Tip: The importance of sleep

Sleep & Recovery Recovery is essential in any training programme and sleep is arguably the most important element of recovery. As most athletes know you don’t get fitter during workouts but actually when your body recovers, rebuilding and super compensating to get... ithlete review

We wanted to share this great independent take on ithlete with you! A while back the ithlete team spoke to a guy named Dave who had a few questions about ithlete and mentioned he was reviewing it for his site – great we thought. But things are as busy as ever here at...