Athletes and Poor Sleep

Sleep is intrinsically linked to performance, recovery, health, wellness and much more. This infographic looks at why and how you can improve your sleep.

How to use HRV in sports training Part 3

Recovery Strategies Sleep. Not only quantity, but quality is important. Human growth hormone which is essential for body repair, is mostly produced during the first four hours of sleep, and these turn out to be the most critical hours for recovery. Alcohol, caffeine,...

Sleep infographic

The physiological benefits of sleep, effect on heart rate variability (HRV), impact of sleep deprivation & tips for a better nights sleep! Do you have any other tips for a good nights sleep? Or if you like our sleep infographic but there are areas you’d...

Nutrition, Sleep and Heart Rate Variability

A great step towards better sleep is eating balanced, nutritious meals and snacks evenly spaced throughout the day. Research has found that certain nutrients can affect sleep, from how easy it is to fall asleep at a reasonable hour to the quality of rest we get throughout the night. Equally important to all this is what impact certain foods and drinks have on our beloved heart rate variability (HRV).

Tips for Getting a Good Nights Sleep

A sound snooze results in increased energy and productivity, improved heart and immune system health, a better mood, even a longer life. And hey, you just feel so much better after a satisfying 8 hours of rest. But chances are, you’re not getting it. So how do we get that all-important 8 hours of sleep that we all desire? This post outlines 5 tips that will help you sleep better.

Tuesday Tip: Sleep deprivation

Many of us operate on less sleep than we would like (up to 1/3rd according to the American Sleep Disorders Association), but how many of us realize the impact sleep deprivation is having on our health and on our ability to enjoy life?

The importance of sleep in sport

Poor sleep leads to an 11% reduction in time to exhaustion. Average of less than 8 hours sleep per night causes 1.7x greater injury risk. Just 2 days of sleep restriction can lead to a 3x increase in lapses of attention and reactivity. Max bench press drops 20lbs...

Tuesday Tip: The importance of sleep

Sleep & Recovery Recovery is essential in any training programme and sleep is arguably the most important element of recovery. As most athletes know you don’t get fitter during workouts but actually when your body recovers, rebuilding and super compensating to get...