HRV, Life Stress and Training

by Janet Birkmyre ithlete’s HRV measurement turns training data into intelligence – it adds value by personalising data that (while being based on solid research) is otherwise too generic to allow for optimal decisions about training to be made when the human...

Lockdown Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

by Jan Birkmyre According to my daily heart rate variability (HRV) readings from ithlete, it is very clear my body loves this lockdown.  On reflection, I suppose, that should not come as a complete surprise but even so, the magnitude of the improvement is a shock....

Why ithlete? Know when to train and when to rest

There are many great reasons to choose ithlete, so many that we’ve written a blog series looking at why we do things the way we do. Follow the series to learn more about the type and length of measurement, how breathing influences your HRV and much more. In an earlier...

Better is Better

Like so many coaches out there, I’ve coached a fair share of athletes who subscribe to the “more is better” mindset.  Over my years in the endurance world, I’ve definitely learned to subscribe to the “more is not better; better is better” philosophy.  Why?  Because...

How to use HRV for marathon training

The build-up to a marathon is a big commitment. Most people train for 12-15 weeks (3 months). Generally, training plans suggest you should be running 5 times each week with 2 rest days spaced between. But how do you schedule these runs and rest days for optimum benefit?

GB du/triathlete’s HRV and race performance correlation

I have been using ithlete for over three years now but it’s only been since the start of the year (2017) that I have started using it to its full potential with an ithlete Pro subscription. In previous years I would exclusively just use the iPhone app to help guide me...

Simon’s Tenerife Training Camp

The plan The main objective of this camp was to get in some good base miles with an emphasis on climbing in preparation for my second year of the Mallorca 312 challenge. Living in the New Forest in southern England, the terrain barely meets the criteria for...

A Daily Training Cycle

Andrew Tamplin has created and shared a great infographic giving us an insight in to his daily training cycle and decision making process.
‘The morning recovery test effects all other aspects of the daily cycle, the simple fact is that if you are not recovered sufficiently from your previous workout, work or other life stress then you are not going to be training effectively.’

Mallorca 312 – Event and post race recovery

In summary, I think the preparation for this event was a success – especially the many hours of MAF endurance training, and the aerodynamic improvements to both my position and the bike itself. I think diet was the only area I didn’t get quite right, and perhaps I need to gain confidence that I can perform on a low(er) carb diet on a 100m event first.

Training for the Mallorca 312. The final month.

I have now begun my taper, with just a week to go before the 312km event in Mallorca next Saturday. I’m already in the centre zone of the Pro Training Guide, and expect to move rightwards during the week as my recovery continues to improve.

Training Blog: Andy Dolphin – January

The start of the year sees a return to a training plan. 4th Jan was the first session, which was endurance based with 2 x 10min tempo included, 60 mins, repeated on the 6th (although this suggested HIIT, I stayed with the schedule). 8th Jan strayed from the plan when...

How to Increase your Exercise Safely

Whether it’s a new years resolution or you’re returning to your training regime after the obligatory festive break, an increase in exercise and/or intensity needs to be carefully thought out to ensure you get the best out of every workout or training session.This post...

5 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

With the festive period now over, it’s definitely time to dust off your training kit and get back to it! To help you out, we’ve put together some of the top benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for those of you looking to mix up your training regime for...

Training Blog: Andy Dolphin- December

December will be a few weeks of preparation, with a plan to carry out an FTP test over Christmas. To start the week was 90mins constant higher endurance on the turbo. 1st and 2nd had good readings, 1st was a rest day, so on the 2nd it was a 60min lower endurance...

Training Blog: Andy Dolphin – November

The week below was a scheduled recovery week in the periodised routine. However the first part of the week suggested I could do more than the 1-hour recovery session on 27th and a lower endurance session with 2 x 10min tempo on the 29th, but I stuck with it. My...

An Interview with Chris Kilmurray

In this podcast ithlete founder Simon Wegerif talks to rider and coach Chris Kilmurray of Point1Athletic. As well as discussing his own HRV journey Chris provides examples of how different athletes respond to training techniques/volumes and importantly how HRV is a...

Tuesday Tip: Reducing Stress in the Workplace

Our recent research summary focused on the investigation of how work affected individuals in both psychological & physiological respects. In addition, the full research paper from the University of Queensland, Australia shared some useful tips to reduce workplace stress which we have summarised for this weeks Tuesday Tip

Nutrition, Stress and HRV

This week’s Tuesday Tip focuses on nutrition the impact on stress. Do you reach for those ‘convenience foods’ after a stressful day? If so take a look at some useful nutritional tips we’ve put together

Training Blog: Andrew Tamplin – July

Andrew Tamplin started July happy, fit and looking forward to the month of sweet spot training, putting in some harder efforts with the aid of ithlete Pro to guide him. Did Andrew get through July unscathed?

Superfoods and Sports Performance

Can superfoods increase sports performance? Take a lot at our review of the recent channel 4 documentary Superfoods: The Real Story to find out.

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