TrainingPeaks is the pre-eminent online training software for cyclists, triathletes and other endurance athletes who are serious about their training & competition performance.  TrainingPeaks allows athletes to record and analyse workouts using heart rate, power and speed as well as setting targets and measuring progress towards their goals.

TrainingPeaks contains sophisticated scientific tools that analyse athletes performance from the heart rate, speed and power they monitor during workouts and calculate training load figures (such as TSS). But you can only train as hard as you can recover, and recovery and readiness for the next session or competition depend on multiple lifestyle factors, many of which are individually determined.  It therefore makes sense to bring in heart rate variability (HRV) which now provides the missing element of recovery measurement objectively, allowing the athlete to choose the right session for what their body is capable of that day.

Users of ithlete Pro can now synchronise their accounts to TrainingPeaks to gain further insight in to how training effects their HRV.

Once synced, via the new TrainingPeaks widget, each ithlete reading from then on gets automatically uploaded to the users corresponding TraingingPeaks account, and displayed as a metric for that day.  The user can then plan their workout according to their recovery.

As an aside, it was partly due to a conversation with Training Peaks founder Hunter Allen in 2009 that ithlete creator Simon was inspired to turn HRV from a difficult to use lab measure into an app that anyone can use to measure their recovery and readiness to train every morning. So we’ve always seen the potential for this relationship to develop!

How to connect ithlete with TrainingPeaks

To automatically upload your ithlete data to your TrainingPeaks account you must have ithlete Pro. Log in to your Pro account either on mobile or desktop and scroll down to the new TrainingPeaks widget. From there it is as simple as clicking the TrainingPeaks logo and following on screen instructions.

TrainingPeaks integration 1

TrainingPeaks integration 6TrainingPeaks integration 2








Once this is done your daily ithlete HRV score will be automatically uploaded to your TrainingPeaks account after each reading.

Sync ithlete & TrainingPeaks now