How to use HRV in sports training Part 3

Recovery Strategies Sleep. Not only quantity, but quality is important. Human growth hormone which is essential for body repair, is mostly produced during the first four hours of sleep, and these turn out to be the most critical hours for recovery. Alcohol, caffeine,...

Athletes: Fit but unhealthy?

Prof Paul Laursen & Dr Phil Maffetone have consistently preached the message that elite level performance needn’t be at the cost of your long term health. Their recent opinion piece highlighting why is summarised here.

Fat adaptation for exercise – how far can it go?

Despite a great deal of discussion about, and anecdotal evidence to support the benefits of a low carbohydrate high fat (LCHF) diet, there have been few studies examining the degree to which athletes’ metabolisms have been altered to take advantage of this dramatic change in fuel for exercise.

Superfoods and Sports Performance

Can superfoods increase sports performance? Take a lot at our review of the recent channel 4 documentary Superfoods: The Real Story to find out.

HRV, Exercise, and Hydration

How key to recovery is hydrating immediately after exercise? Our latest Tuesday Tip takes a look at the relationship heart rate variability, exercise and hydration