Training = Workouts + Recovery

The secret to optimising training lies in managing your recovery. It makes sense that building a comprehensive data set of the two will enable athletes to manage the balance and improve performance. The full ithlete Pro and Training Peaks integration makes this possible!

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The Training Peaks software is the leading tool for endurance athletes and coaches wishing to collate and review training data. Distance, speed, power and effort, it’s all collected by Training Peaks. Knowing what you’ve done is one thing, but what about a tool which also tells you how hard you should go today?

ithlete Pro

Cloud based ithlete Pro is ideal for the athlete who values the recovery and wellness data gathered using the ithlete mobile app and wants to be able to extract greater insight from it.

Features exclusive to ithlete Pro include: a fully configurable timeline chart for heart rate variability (HRV), resting heart rate, training load and subjective data, enabling better insight into which lifestyle factors impact performance and recovery most, as well as the unique Training Guide which gives precise personalised advice on what you are capable of and best suited to that day.

Features ithlete Pro offers are;

  • Fully configurable HRV, RHR, training load and subjective timeline chart
  • Perfect your taper through refining personal response to sessions
  • Understand how non-training stressors may be impeding recovery
  • What is the best mix of recovery enablers (sleep, nutrition, stress management) for you personally
  • The ability to track are improvements and progress over last season

The Complete Picture; ithlete Pro and Training Peaks

Our latest update extends the previous integration between ithlete Pro and Training Peaks, now enabling users to import TSS to their Pro account. Importing this data from Training Peaks allows you to track your objective training data alongside the ithlete HRV, resting HR and self-reported stress metrics.ithlete Pro and Training Peaks Pro

Having these metrics all in one place becomes most powerful when ithlete Pro helps you understand the real effect a particular workout or training block is having on your body. Being able to visualise the relationship between total load (training and non-training stressors) and recovery helps athletes understand a complete picture of what is working well for them, what needs refining and importantly, how to schedule your next sweet spot or HIT session for maximum response.

In addition, you can now upload more ithlete data (HR, Comments, Fatigue, Mood, Muscle, and Stress) to your Training Peaks account too.

How to sync ithlete Pro and Training Peaks

All you have to do is open your ithlete Pro account, scroll to the Training Peaks widget and select sync. You will have the option to import TSS data, so please tick the box if you wish to do so.ithlete Pro and Training Peaks connected

Training load you have entered manually before syncing TSS will still appear in the ithlete Pro timeline but will be greyed out.

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Please note

Training Peaks data is retrieved for the past 5 days. If you retrospectively add workouts in to your account from more than 5 days ago it won’t be imported to ithlete Pro.