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With ithlete v4 the way you interact with your data is changing. But don’t worry, the measurement protocol is the same (except minor reliability enhancements – making it easier to get a reading first time, every time).

A New Way of Interacting

The all-new ithlete Pro chart view allows you to scroll between 4 different charts.

  • Timeline

See how your HRV baseline is changing, resting heart rate, training load patterns and visualise your acute to chronic training load ratio. Flip landscape to see this chart in a larger format.

  • ithlete Pro Training Guide

The most powerful HRV guided training tool available. Use this colour coded quadrant chart to see your current state and decide on the best training to do.

  • Recovery indicators

Sleep, diet and minimising stress are what enable your recovery. Use this chart to see how relationships between these metrics and your HRV develop.

  • Wellness metrics

Mood, muscle soreness and fatigue reflect how you feel right now. Understand the importance of each and learn to manage them in future.

The best, personalised, HRV based training guidance

ithlete has always led the way in mobile HRV measurement. We have taken that a step further by developing an Artificial Intelligence tool (Simon Says) to deliver comprehensive feedback on your recovery and readiness.
Simon Says will help identify how well recovered you are, what caused you to achieve your current state, and importantly what you can do to optimise today’s training session. Smarter, more effective training, every session!

Fully integrated with Training Peaks, Garmin Connect and Fitbit

There is no doubt that objective workout data completes the training and recovery picture. The best way to do this is by importing your workouts from Training Peaks, Garmin Connect or Fitbit. This data will now appear in the ithlete app and inform your daily training recommendations.

In addition, as the Training Peaks preferred HRV partner, your ithlete HRV data is also uploaded to your Training Peaks Premium dash.

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