Week 9

Following a week’s recovery/rest, the week below was all good and to continue, with higher intensity work now being incorporated.

  • First session on the 29th was Vo2 interval work in a 60-minute endurance session.
  • On the 2nd it was anaerobic efforts 15 seconds on with 45 seconds recovery, 2 sets of 15, endurance at other times.
  • 4th was 45 minutes’ recovery with 4 x 30 seconds max sprints. Volume was low on all these sessions due to a Sportive on the 6th, The Mad March Hare. We used this as a group training ride for the charity ride in May (see details at the footer); riding there and back gave us 120 miles

Im 1

Week 10

Following Sundays 120 mile ride, the readings are mostly surprisingly good. Hopefully this is a sign of improved fitness and my body getting used to the increasing workload, adaptation, and therefore recovering quicker.

  • I did however miss my planned workout on the 7th, even though the reading was good, simply down to sore legs.
  • So the next workout was on the 9th; 60 minutes endurance and included 4 x 2 min V02 ints – this should have been 80 minutes but I reduced the volume due to the Sunday ride. My power started to drop at the 4th interval, so stopped at that point (the plan was for up to 8 x 3min V02 intervals). It was 5am so wasn’t an ideal time to do the session, and also forgot to take my reading.
  • On the 11th I did 60 minutes of recovery/low endurance, with an average HR that kept me at my MAF zone.
  • Then on the 12th it was a group ride for 3 hours 40 mins, 53% ride time at HR zone 2 and 44% at HR zone 3.
  • The 13th was a smaller group ride, 9% in HR zone 1, 66% in HR zone 2 and 23% HR zone 3, which included a 15 min sweet spot effort (even though the reading was red, I hoped that the trend would be favourable the next day on the 14th which it was. If it had been red again or orange, it would have been enforced rest)

IM 2

Week 11

Last week of the third, 3 week training block before 1 weeks recovery, which will be the end of the 12 week base period. Pleased with these readings this week considering it is after a 3 week block. Below shows the readings after each block of training in the base phase

IM 3

  • This weeks sessions started on the 14th with 70 mins endurance session but included 6 x 2 min VO2 intervals (couldn’t manage the target of 3 mins), stopped on the 6th interval when power dropped by 5%.
  • 16th was 66 mins, endurance based but with 2 x 15 min sets of 15 seconds at 150% power with 30 seconds recovery.
  • 18th was 70 mins low endurance high cadence easy gear.
  • 19th was a 75 mile ride aimed at endurance pace but included 4 x 10 mins at threshold on climbs.
  • 20th was 32 miles included 1 x 10 min and 1 x 30 min sweet spot, endurance at other times

IM 4

Below shows the base period HRV trend. The spaces between are the recovery weeks; the first one I had a cold so not much recovery to show, which did impact on the base 2 period. The second recovery week was more like I would expect. Heading towards the 3rd recovery week my HRV is going up even with the intensity increasing, before recovery week effects. So will be interesting to see how the trend is this time next week (the sharp dip in base 3 was a system error and also my workout load for the 16th didn’t show).

IM 5

This training all counts towards a charity event riding to raise money for Breast Friends. You can check out more on the JustGiving page.


I am a recreational athlete, who has around 5 to 8 hours a week to train (season dependant). I have a family with 2 young children and run a business. Therefore, the ethos of my training is to use training principles that elicit the best results in minimal time.