End of June is a scheduled recovery week, so not much during the week other than a 75 minute tempo ride on the 30th. Then on the weekend 2nd July was a group ride 2 hrs 30 mins, 56% in heart rate zone 2 and 38% in zone 3. On the 3rd it was Hill repeats at threshold/V02

The Training Guide reflected the need for some recovery in the readings for some of the days. It appears it worked as I ended the week on two consecutive HIT recommendation days.


This week returned to a bit more structure in training, starting with a 60 minute recovery/low endurance session on the 4th. The 6th gave a ‘Go for it’ recommendation so did a 100 minute ride that included 2 x 20 min threshold intervals. On the 7th this was followed up by 75 mins recovery/low endurance and then on the 9th a fast group ride for 130 mins. On the 10th 100 mins session that included 60mins of sweet spot. A good grouping of green readings this week.


Leading up to Ride London at the end of the month, training would focus around harder rides with easier recovery ones and additional days of rest. I needed to do an FTP test, so this was done on the 14th although the reading wasn’t ideal, but down to availability to do it.

The 16th was a group ride at 18mph, 42 miles. Then the 17th was an intended sweet spot ride but the days reading wasn’t good and felt flat. The 19th was a recovery ride of 60 minutes.


Still keeping with the harder training sessions with easier ones between and additional days of rest, a more polarised method. 20th was a 2 hour ride that included 2 x 20 minute threshold intervals. 22nd was a recovery/low endurance ride for 60 mins. The 23rd a faster 2 hr group ride 20+ mph and the 24th 90 minutes of higher endurance/low tempo.


This week was about tapering leading up to Ride London on 31st. Readings generally where I wanted them to be during the week, leading up to the ‘go fot it’ on the day. On the 27th I did 90 minutes which included around 60 mins of sweet spot work. On the 29th was 80 mins of recovery work that included a few sprint efforts.


Overall, pleased with the ride and training over the 7 months leading up to it, which resulted in doing the ride 32 minutes quicker than last year!



I am a recreational athlete, who has around 5 to 8 hours a week to train (season dependant). I have a family with 2 young children and run a business. Therefore the ethos of my training is to use training principles that elicit the best results in minimal time.