The 1st October was the start of a progressive training plan to lead me up to a few events next year, the first of which is the Tour Ta’Malta in April. October through to December will be the base phase. The majority of the training will be turbo based using TrainerRoad, with a club ride on Saturday at a fairly easy pace during the base period. The turbo sessions will be interval training.

A few red readings aside, nothing too alarming to highlight on, apart from a spell post 14th Nov where I just felt very sluggish. Fortunately, this coincided with a recovery week; as you can see, the subjective readings took a dip too;


But looking over the month of October, there was a good stable period from the 17th until the 31st, and then a drop off after this. The plan gives a recovery week on week 6, so looking back, it was probably due after the 4th week (ending 30th Oct);


Post recovery week saw HRV climb again, as you would expect;


I’ve been fortunate with the few red readings during this period that they haven’t all co-incided with a training session. One exception was the 29th October for a club ride; I had come off on the club ride the week before and was nervous about this ride, so the anxiety was reflected in my reading;



I am a recreational athlete, who has around 5 to 8 hours a week to train (season dependant). I have a family with 2 young children and run a business. Therefore the ethos of my training is to use training principles that elicit the best results in minimal time.