Hello, my name is Robert Budd and I have just joined the company to focus on the marketing and sales of ithlete Team App. I am a very keen sportsman playing top level cricket and club Rugby only retiring from Vets Rugby 18 months ago.

ithlete and me!

Robert Budd

My interest in ithlete goes back 4 years when Simon Wegerif, first introduced ithlete to myself and my lovely wife Lee-Anne. Since that day I have had a burning desire to see how using ithlete would and could be a motivator to a healthier lifestyle. Day by day I’m seeing what an incredible tool it is to sports players and athlete’s to really add science to their training, but what about the rest of us?

Our population is living longer, but from what I see not better or certainly not healthier. Healthy living is going to be key in an ageing, fiscally tight, population and I’m fast becoming one of these ‘old blokes’. So I’m 50 this year and I’ve given up all sport as Lee-Anne and I have 8 children (yes I know!) to ferry about to Horse riding, Cricket, Football, Rugby, Dance………. the list is endless. Now I need to get motivated. I am 5ft 7 in tall and square! I weigh 16 stone and in an ideal world need to be 14st 10lb (as I said, I’m square!).

Now joining ithlete is like joining ‘Team America’ or maybe the Jamaican sprint team… They’re all perfect, swapping notes as to whether they cycled 100 or 125 miles this morning, HRV’s of 90 + etc. etc. …  As you imagine I’m feeling the pressure.

So is this a diet? Nope! Am I in training to become the oldest Olympian? Nope! This is simply a blog to see if using ithlete as a measure of my stress and general health will motivate me to live better and maybe, get on my bike occasionally.

Day 1, 15th June 2013

HRV – 67 (Surprised, thought it would be lower! Mind that’s one reading, I wonder what my baseline will be?!)

Weight – 16 stone dead, a bit of a shock I have to say (This really does sound like a Bridget Jones’s diary)

To be resumed, I hope…