Did you know that ithlete allows you to download and send your data to others?

Data can be downloaded as a .csv file (comma-separated values) which can be opened using a spreadsheet, or other, software.

Please see instructions for how to do this using the ithlete app and ithlete Pro below, including details of how to submit your data as part of our COVID-19 and HRV research project.

From the ithlete mobile app

How to send your ithlete data from mobile app

  1. Select ‘Sync data’ from the main menu
  2. Select ‘Send to email’
  3. Add an email address and press > send. (For the study please use email covidstudy@myithlete.com).

From ithlete ProHow to export your ithlete data from ithlete Pro

  1. Find the Export widget. Note: if you cannot see this you may have it turned off. Simply use the tick box options in the Settings to enable this widget.
  2. Check the CSV option is selected (press Done)
  3. Press Download
  4. Email the ithleteHRV.csv file in your downloads directory to the recipient (for the study please use covidstudy@myithlete.com).