CES 2014 ithlete booth

International CES 2014 was always set to be a hugely significant event for fitness technology companies with the fit tech area expanded by 30% from the previous year.
On our first year at CES, ithlete fitted in perfectly.  With a new high quality visually appealing stand and new technology innovations, ithlete scored top marks with Bloomberg, USA Today, PC Mag and many more, including international health tech bloggers. We certainly didn’t get lost amongst the 3200 exhibitors and here are just a few video press clips to show you why…


Bloomberg picked out ithlete as one of the best wearable devices at CES 2014. Take a look at their feature here…

Gamer Fit Nation

“Fitness technology is one of the trending topics this year and ithlete solidifies it even more. While at CES 2014, GamerFitNation was able to interview Simon Wegerif, founder of ithlete to learn more about the company. ithlete is an application for sports people and tells you how hard you should train. You can get the data required upon waking up in the morning with a simple test. The fitness app measures your heart rate variability. Ithlete also comes with a sensor that allows you track your heart variability. Ithlete is available on iPad, iPhone, and android. The app retails for $9.99 and help boost your health gains.” GamerFitNation

PC Mag.com

First on the list from Jill Duffy of PC Mag.com is ithlete! Jill particularly liked the new ithlete v3 additional metrics and how this can be correlated with heart rate variability (HRV).


We’d also like to thank TechPodcastsLive for inviting Simon Wegerif to take part in an interview during the show.

Other CES 2014 ithlete reviews

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