The new ithlete ECG receiver is the 3rd major revision of the design in 2 years!

Most importantly, we’ve found a way to make the same design compatible with both Android and iOS devices.  So whether you have an iPad or a Galaxy Tab, iPhone or HTC Desire, the new receiver works with them all! (Some newer Samsung and HTC models previously required a modified receiver – with the new model of receiver we have eliminated this problem).

We have also done a complete redesign of the case and the way the jack is secured to make it more resilient and robust.  When combined with the extended range we have given it, we are sure you will agree this is a very worthwhile all round improvement.

For more details or to purchase the new model please head to our product page

ithlete ECG receiver

The new ithlete ECG receiver!

How do I get the new ithlete ECG receiver?

The receiver can be purchased from Your credit / debit / PayPal purchase will be processed by PayPal and we will dispatch the receiver package to you asap via Royal Mail 1st Class Post (Airmail for overseas destinations).

If you have already purchased the new ithlete ECG receiver why not comment below or send us a review? Your feedback is always welcome!