We were invited to join the Biohacker Summit in Helsinki next week, and are happy to be attending.  The event is set in a former factory site that has been converted into a large cultural centre in Helsinki, Finland.  Simon will be speaking on a panel session discussing the future of wearable technologies for health & Wellness.  The particular emphasis we have put on the user experience (UX) throughout the development of ithlete is something we feel is important if users are to continue beyond the first few weeks once the novelty of a new tracker wears off.

What’s particularly interesting for us about this event is that a lot of pioneering research on HRV use in sports (especially winter sports) was carried out in Finland, so we’re expecting some well informed debate on HRV and other physiological & quantified self markers. As well as technologists and entrepreneurs, the event will be attended by medical doctors, nutritionists and research scientists, which will encourage the interdisciplinary dialog needed to turn ideas into systems that work for real people in the real world. There is an active involvement from investors and venture capital firms who can help steer entrepreneurs in the most promising commercial directions (as well as getting them funded of course!).

As if all this were not enough, there is a music and art culture theme, and an opportunity to learn some of the latest natural cooking science. The event is an exciting prospect and we hope to be reporting back on some of the highlights next week.