ithlete Bluetooth Smart compatibile

Bluetooth Smart technology allows you to send heart beat information directly from a chest strap monitor to your iPhone™ or iPad™ without the need for external hardware/receivers.

ithlete is the leading app using individual heart beat data from a Bluetooth Smart strap to calculate heart rate variability (HRV). The ithlete V2.2 upgrade will be available from the App Store on 1st March, faciliating the use of Bluetooth Smart straps.

Using a Bluetooth Smart chest strap as opposed to the traditional analogue models offers a range of benefits including;

  • No need for additional hardware
  • Increased range
  • Eliminate signal interference
  • Significantly longer battery life

Using a Bluetooth Smart Chest Strap

Bluetooth Smart is built in to many new mobile devices such as iPhone 5, 4S, iPad 3, iPod Touch 5. Although many Android devices compatible with Bluetooth Smart it has not yet been enabled for app developers to access.

Simply put on the strap in the usual way, making sure the skin contacts are moistened to ensure a good connection to your skin.

Choosing a Bluetooth Smart Chest Strap

Cardiosport Bluetooth Smart

In order to measure heart rate variability (the small time gaps between heart beats) a chest strap monitor must transmit RR intervals. The Cardiosport Blue model was designed with this in mind and provides ECG accurate information which is why we recommend this model to ithlete users.

The Cardiosport Blue is available here! Plus if you can find another online retailer selling it cheaper we will refund you the difference.*

Boasting in excess of 700 hours battery life the Cardiosport chest strap monitor will last 3 or 4 times longer than its competitors. In fact, with average use (up to an hour and a half per day) the battery will last between 18 and 24 months. The high quality soft strap is both comfortable and flexible without compromising connectivity. The electronic module is also removable leaving the strap itself suitable for washing. The battery can be replaced easily by the user, this strap is made to last!

We have also tested the Polar H7 and Zephyr HxM, models, both of which work successfully. Some other models of Bluetooth Smart chest strap, such as the Wahoo Blue™, do not currently support the RR part of the standard and cannot be used to measure HRV with ithlete.

*Prices correct at time of printing. Refund guarantee does not include discounts, promotions or special offers.