Lee Doran HRV training diaryGetting Started with HRV

So, this is my first blog as an ithlete athlete. After receiving support from the ithlete team, I have started using the HRV Monitor and found this fantastic. This month has been an important month for me as I am currently recovering from ankle surgery so recovery has become vital. This month, with slowly getting back to full training, things have been very intense and I have had to be careful not to overdo the training and allowing my ankle to recover in time.

I am only a beginner at using the ithlete app and ECG receiver but I am learning everyday about my body and what I can do to increase maximum recovery. This is really helping me in increasing my strength levels and becoming fitter.

Week 1

I am not able to run yet due to my ankle but my training is starting to increase with more volume on the bike, medicine ball, gymnastics and intensity in the weights room being added to mainly the upper body.

My HRV was showing an increase until I hit my double days where this showed a drastic decline in recovery where I was down to an Orange training recommendation. The next day I had a light session carrying out some medicine ball and a bike session but both being at a light intensity and a decrease in volume as recommended by the ithlete score. I also went to bed earlier than usual to aid my recovery (as soon as my head hit the pillow I was gone anyway!) The next day my ithlete HRV score was back in the white, indicating recovery was going well, and I was feeling great ahead of my weights session which meant in one of my more important sessions I was able to give it my all.

Week 2

Lee Doran

This was going to be tougher than the week before but the next couple of weeks I really have to push my body to its max. My training would be full on to the Thursday where I would have a lighter day so I would have to push through some barriers. My HRV was ok at the start of the week but after a few sessions this had a massive drop and I was into the Orange once again but would have to battle through to finish my cycle.

I was feeling quite tired before a double session and my HRV also showed this but pushed through the double session. First was a medicine ball session, at my highest volume and intensity this cycle, followed by weights in the afternoon lifting 90K Snatch 5×5, 130k Bench 5×5, Full Back Squat @ 100k 4×10 and Pullovers 3×10 @ 47.5k.

I had to make a decision the next day; I was shattered but was really convinced by ithlete’s red warning. With the help of ithlete I decided to rest and allow my body some much needed recovery time so I could get more quality out of the remaining days of the week. I am really thankful that I listened to the ithlete recommendation as for the rest of the week I hit some great quality training rather than it being at just 70%. So thank you ithlete, with your support I am now able to calculate the best possible training for me personally.

Week 3

Had a much needed rest on Sunday after my HRV was showing I was down to my lowest yet of 69! This week I have analysed my results, notes and training intensities. This has shown that some nights I have had a few late ones which taking a look at the ithlete results shows that my recovery was hampered. This week I would look to have more early nights, especially on heavy days.

My training week includes 2 sessions a day Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are usually once a day but sometimes include 2 sessions at lighter intensity. So as you can see, recovery is an important part of my training to produce maximum results by training smart.

This week I have some throwing incorporated into my schedule; this will be my first week back to throwing a javelin since my ankle operation. This week is the most important one yet as I need to have my body fully recovered in order to protect my ankle from the forces which will be going through it.

I started the week back up to 88 HRV and was feeling good. My first session of the week is a throwing session as thanks to the HRV level I know I am fully recovered. Starting with a good ithlete training recommendation certainly boosted my confidence which I am sure helped. The session went really well, I was a little rusty and timing was out but my body was feeling good. I then had some weights in the afternoon where I had Push Press (3×10) @ 95k, Full Back Squat (5×7) @ 110k, Pullovers (5×5) @ 52.5k, and Bench Pulls (3×10) @ 80k. Today had been a very hard day and I was feeling pretty tired and sore due to the heavy weights session. I said I was going to be going bed earlier and that’s what I did, we would see what the results would be like the following day.

My results the following day had dropped but only marginally; going down to just 86 (the early night must have helped!). Tuesday was at lower intensity but high volume, the exercises included medicine ball, hurdle drills and feet drills followed by a cardio run in the evening keeping my HR between 50-80% MHR.

The following day my HRV made a slight increase which I was pleased with as today was back to high intensity work with some tough volume work with my rehab programme in the morning and my weights in the afternoon. I lifted quite a few personal bests lifting at 10 repetitions! So I left the day feeling really good about myself.

The next day, as I thought, my HRV had taken a slight dive to 82 but the ithlete app didn’t indicate to take any light training so I trained really hard with my high volume training and felt really good with my run on the evening. Friday was my technical day.

Lee Doran HRV Screenshot

My training has gone really well this week. Thanks to ithlete I am now able to direct my training around my throwing so my

So that’s it for my first blog, hope you all enjoyed and remember to come back to read my next blog and find out how my recovery towards being back to full throwing is going. Hopefully I can possibly add a few videos to the next blog too!sessions are of quality and my body is in good shape to handle these sessions. My HRV was at 90 and this showed in my throwing session with my technique being really good and relaxed.

by Lee Doran