The ithlete team have a number of events coming up so we wanted to share a short post letting you know where you can catch us!

BASEM Spring conference April 8th

The (British Association of Sports & Exercise Medicine) BASEM Spring Conference 2016 is chaired by Dr Nigel Jones, Senior Team Doctor to the England Rugby Team.
This year’s focus, Athletes’ Hearts and Minds, will provide an up-to-date review of athlete care in the fields of Sports Cardiology and Sports Psychology.

The sessions feature two very well-known specialists, Professor Sanjay Sharma and Professor Steve Peters. Professor Sharma has been the race medical director for the London Marathon and will focus on cardiology topics relevant to athletes, such as distinguishing an enlarged athlete’s heart from cardiomyopathy and explaining sudden cardiac death in athletes.

Professor Peters is the author of ‘The chimp paradox’, a personal development book which has been credited by Sir Chris Hoy amongst many other athletes as being a major enabler of their career success at Olympic level.

ithlete will be one of a limited number of exhibitors at this small, but high quality conference.

Apps World, Berlin, April 20th/21st

Apps World has been running for the past 7 years and attracts 10,000 attendees annually to discuss the advancement of mobile strategies and the impact apps and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are having on the industry.

This year there is a special focus on wearables, and Simon has been invited to join a panel to discuss the following topics:

  • Are fitness apps driving the wearables explosion?
  • How are fitness apps creating wearables demand?
  • What are the key factors that make a successful health and fitness wearable?
  • What has been the impact of mHealth on the app ecosystem?

Keynote Panel Discussion: What are the driving forces behind continued engagement in wearables?

  • Where are wearables changing the ecosystem?
  • Has the Killer App in the wearables space been built yet?
  • Will future wearables be open source or will we see a fragmented market?
  • How can we create beautiful wearable UX?

We will contribute our findings from pioneering the use of heart rate variability (HRV) over the past 5 years, and hope to learn from other industry leaders talking about wearables, big data and what needs to be done to create a great user experience.

Biohacker Summit, London, May 21st

The Biohacker Summit event is rapidly becoming the one to attend for anyone involved in or fascinated by the science and practice of becoming the best version of yourself, every day.

Having thoroughly enjoyed every minute of attending, exhibiting and speaking at the Helsinki 2015 event, ithlete has been invited to exhibit and speak again amongst some of the best known figures in health, fitness and life extension methods and technology.

The detailed program has not been published yet but we look forward to sharing the details when it is.