App Developments

ithlete Version 3

ithlete logoWe are really excited about the next major ithlete upgrade, scheduled for the second quarter of 2013. Again driven by user feedback ithlete V3 will incorporate a range of new functionalities as well as having a complete user interface overhaul. The in app experience will be more engaging and ease of use enhanced, at the same time functionalities will be added to ensure users can do even more with their ithlete HRV readings. Version 3 will ensure ithlete is more useful and simple to use than ever before.


A person’s HRV, as well as their sense of wellbeing can be enhanced using biofeedback breathing, and it took the chance reunion of school best friends Simon Wegerif and Michael Williams to start working on a project that aims to combine ithlete type HRV measurement, biofeedback breathing and motivational techniques.  We hope to launch this in Spring 2013, news will be released first at

New sensors

Finger sensor

Whilst our exact plans our still under wraps we can now announce that a finger sensor is coming soon! Streamline your morning ithlete measurement by simply connecting the finger sensor to your device and measuring – no more need for attaching a chest strap first thing in the morning. Stay tuned to the ithlete blog and social media channels to be the first to hear more.

Bluetooth smart

ithlete Bluetooth Smart compatibility newsLater this year we hope to release a Bluetooth Smart chest strap monitor. Both ithlete HRV and Precision Pulse apps will be compatible once this strap is released.  Whilst Precision Pulse is already Bluetooth smart compatible it is something we are working on right now for ithlete. Using the individual heartbeat RR intervals from a chest strap is more complex than just using the pre-processed average HR that many Bluetooth Smart straps currently provide. Another complication is that there is no support for BT Smart in Android yet. But we are working on it, so listen out for news!

The ithlete Team Continues to Grow

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Ian Bisset to the ithlete family. Ian brings a wealth of experience to the team and will play a key role in the development of ithlete and other HRV Fit apps in the future.

And much, much more…

ithlete TwitterThis is just a snippet of the things we have planned here at ithlete HQ. To keep up to date with the latest news as it is released why not bookmark our blog or connect with us on Twitter?