Having spent 6 months building up to the 300 mile ride, it was time for backing off a little, which also coincided with a holiday we had booked before I knew of the event. Below is my heart rate variability (HRV) trend for the period leading up to and following the 300 mile ride (21st May);

Image 1

The taper before the ride saw my HRV rise, and then dip post ride, for it to rise slightly over the 10 day holiday. Unfortunately picked up a stomach bug at the end of the holiday and this is reflected in my HRV dip at the start of June.

But, training had to commence, so it was a case of having a week to ease back in before picking back up on the training plan again next week.

  • 7th was 50 mins at Tempo.
  • 8th was a 90 min small group ride with equal amount of HR Z2 and 3
  • 11th 75miles group ride mostly HR Z2 and 3

The orange readings all coincided with the days when I felt the affects of the stomach virus the most, I didn’t do anything on those days and in hindsight shouldn’t have on the 11th too.

Image 1This week continues to be a bit of a frustrating week still feeling unwell and no doubt lingering effects of the 300 mile ride. I only managed 1 session during the week, on the 15th, 60 mins that included 30 mins of tempo. The 18th was a group ride for 2 hours, and then 60 mins on the 19th which included 30 mins of threshold.

My ithlete readings are mostly low

Image 2

Time to start focusing on some upcoming sportives, Tour of the Cotswolds and Ride London.

  • I started the week off with 90mins tempo with 5 x 30 sec hard gear efforts with 3 to 4 mins recovery (20th)
  • Followed by a mid-week hard group ride on the 22nd, 35 miles at 19+ mph
  • Then 60mins tempo/sweet spot on the 24th
  • On the 25th it was a 40 mile ride that included 5 x 5 min hill repeats at V02, remainder in tempo.

The Cotswolds sportive has around 6,000ft climbing in 72 miles, so time to start mimicking some of those climbs.

Image 3


I am a recreational athlete, who has around 5 to 8 hours a week to train (season dependant). I have a family with 2 young children and run a business. Therefore the ethos of my training is to use training principles that elicit the best results in minimal time.