Training Impulse

On Wednesday 22nd May ithlete will join Training Impulse founder Dr Ibrahim Akubat on his workshop entitled “Training Load Monitoring in Team Sports” at the home of the Bradford Bulls.

The workshop will several cover topics including;

  • The history and development of training load measurement, 
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • GPS use in team sport
  • Understanding Dose-Response relationships. 
  • Integrating internal and external training load
  • Modelling performance in Team Sports

Dr Akubat explains “performance in many team sports is very different to other sports. In team sports you have to perform on a weekly basis. Performance at any given  time is a result of your fitness less your fatigue. Measuring training load accurately and understanding dose-response relationships has a major role to play in assessing both fitness and fatigue. The advent of easily usable heart rate variability (HRV) applications like ithlete have a major role to play in this too”.

If you would like to book onto this workshop please contact

We look forward to seeing many of you there!