Since we introduced subjective scales for sleep, fatigue, soreness, stress, mood & diet in ithlete v3.0 at the beginning of the year, we have been intrigued with the idea of seeing how these factors relate to changes in our daily HRV. We included a facility in the ithlete landscape chart to select any of these variables (or training load) and identify possible relationships by eye, but we have now set up a collaboration with the University of Edinburgh Informatics Department to create statistical tools that will let users see which lifestyle factors are having the most impact on their ability to recover and perform.

In order for the researchers to gain confidence in these techniques, we need 100 sets of users’ data. We can assure you that the data will be used anonymously and in accordance with the University’s policy. It will only be used to develop improved algorithms for the interpretation of HRV and subjective data with the goal of providing better insights and guidance to you – our users.

To make the data most useful we would also like to get your age, gender, type of sports you engage in, and your experience level (beginner / intermediate / elite).

If you would like to help in this worthwhile activity, please email your data from the app (Main menu -> Export data -> Send to email and set the address as

Thank you in advance!

The ithlete team.