ithlete 2.3 supports Bluetooth Smart on Android – available now!

Bluetooth Smart on Android

Following the latest release from Google providing native Bluetooth Low-Energy support as part of its operating system, we are delighted to announce that ithlete now supports Bluetooth Smart on Android. The ithlete v2.3 update is available through Google Play for compatible devices.

Please note: This requires a combination of Bluetooth Smart hardware (Bluetooth v4.0 LE chipset) being present in your mobile device and the latest operating system, Android 4.3 or above.

To check if your device is compatible go to the ithlete ‘Edit’ screen and see if the ‘BLE’ (or ‘Bluetooth’) radio button is enabled. If you are unable to select this option, unfortunately at this current time your device does not support Bluetooth Smart.

Comparing a Bluetooth Smart HRM strap with a traditional analogue model highlights a wide range of benefits including;

  • No need for additional hardware
  • Increased range
  • Eliminate signal interference
  • Significantly longer battery life

To celebrate the new release we are offering 10% off our Cardiosport Blue HRM strap throughout November 2013.

To take advantage of this discount simply enter the code BLUE10 at our checkout before November 30th 2013.

Why chose the Cardiosport Blue HRM strap?

In order to measure heart rate variability (the small time gaps between heart beats) a chest strap monitor must transmit RR intervals. The Cardiosport Blue HRM strap was designed with this in mind and provides ECG accurate information which is why we recommend this model to ithlete users.

The Cardiosport Blue is available here!

Don’t forget to use the code BLUE10 for 10% off before November 30th!

Bluetooth Smart on Android

Boasting in excess of 700 hours battery life the Cardiosport chest strap monitor will last 3 or 4 times longer than its competitors. In fact, with average use (up to an hour and a half per day) the battery will last between 18 and 24 months. After you do manage to exhaust the battery it can be easily changed by the user. The high quality soft strap is comfortable and flexible without compromising connectivity. The electronic module is also removable leaving the strap itself suitable for washing.

Other updates in ithlete v2.3 include…

Select your sensor

Bluetooth Smart on AndroidAs we continue to deliver a wider range of heart rate variability capable sensors we have made it easier to select your preferred sensor. After opening the new ithlete v2.3 app, you now have the option to choose your sensor via the ‘Edit’ screen, which will then be saved for future use. If at any stage you then wish to upgrade your sensor you just need to re-select the corresponding option on the ‘Edit’ screen.

ithlete Finger sensor

You will probably notice from the new ‘Sensor’ options on the ‘Edit’ screen that we have a new product coming soon; the ithlete Finger Sensor. To be released early in the new year we are delighted to announce this revolutionary heart rate variability sensor…full details here!

Improved performance with the ithlete Team App

This release brings a number of updates which will improve the all-round experience for those using the ithlete Team App.

We’ve added the ability to log in/out of your Team account – those who have accidentally deleted a player will know how valuable this is!

Training load, daily, weekly and monthly indicators are now automatically uploaded to the Team App with each measurement… and these values now get displayed on the Dashboard making analysis much easier at a glance!