Whilst it is possible to view all your data on a phone with the same layout as on your desktop, it probably makes more sense to choose fewer widgets focusing on the views you are most likely to view quickly on that device such as the Training Guide or the Timeline as shown below.




The first thing you want to do is create a home screen icon for ithlete Pro.

Ithlete Pro

By adding ithlete Pro to your home screen you can access it easily. Once launched, the app will fill the screen completely by removing the search box, making more efficient use of the limited screen area. Additionally, the layout settings you use are saved separately for each device, so you won’t need to spend time on these after making your initial selection.

Once added, you will be able to access the ithlete pro app fast & efficiently by simply tapping the icon as shown below.


We’d love to hear what you’ve discovered using the ithlete Pro or any other comments about this weeks Tuesday Tip.

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