ithlete ProOur recent Tuesday Tips posts have covered some of the benefits of ithlete Pro, the new cloud-based subscription app from HRV Fit, with today’s focus looking at the advantages of cloud-based data storage.

The most obvious and perhaps most valuable asset to cloud-based storage is the ability to access and synch data from multiple devices. Whether using a mobile phone, a tablet or desktop computer, your data can be updated and edited at any time from anywhere. You may take your reading on your mobile phone, plan your training on a tablet and later delve deeper into details, adding additional information and notes from your computer in the certainty that the information is synched and safe.

ithlete Pro timeline 2

Historical data previously locked into one device can now be safely stored in the cloud without the risk of it being lost when upgrading your mobile phone, or worse still if it unexpectedly gets lost or broken. Furthermore, the more HRV data you accumulate, the more insight you gain. Introducing your historical HRV data into the cloud not only provides a record of your long-term wellness but can also be analysed to identify how your HRV data has changed over time and recognise long-term improvements. What’s more, your data will be at the ready to be mined for deeper insights as future statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques improve.

Storing your data in the cloud frees up precious space on your various devices and is a secure way to protect and easily recover your data whenever necessary. It also means data is always up-to-date and safely backed up.

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